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Thread: Sweatshirt?

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    Default Sweatshirt?

    I'm trying to think about what I need to pack and a sweatshirt really does take up a lot of room in the ol' suitcase. Would I really need one beg. of September or not?

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    The only reason I can think of needing a sweatshirt is if you get cold easily in those areas of the resort that are air conditioned. And even then, a light shawl or such might work better and take up less room.

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    Hey Freckels

    Sometimes, when it rains, it will cool down and then it is nice to have a light weight sweatshirt or hoodie to throw on.

    See you down there in 10 days!!

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    I was there in December last year and didn't need one then.....I think you should be okay

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    I can't see anyone needing one any time of the year, but I'm a hot-blooded person. If you get cold when it's 90* and humid out...bring one.

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    Only if you are supper cold nature.

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    I take a light cotton cardigan and the ONLY time I usually need it is on the plane. I also take a couple of shawls for the evening.

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    No, absolutely not. If you are staying at a resort with a Catamaran cruise, it can get chilly on the ride back at sunset, especially if you are wet. But a dry t-shirt will take off the chill, along with a beach towel.

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    I used one in April. If you have a really light sweatshirt or sweater you might want to pack that instead.

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    No sweatshirt needed !!!!

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    I am usually the cold one, and I never pulled mine back out of the suitcase the whole time we were there in December. The only reason I have one is I wore it on the way down. It is rather cold in Wisconsin in December, and I don't take my heavy coat into the airport with me, I leave it in my car.

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    I always wear a sweater on the plane, since I FREEZE and I pack a light dressy sweater for the A/C restaurants. Other than that... no WAY will you need a sweatshirt. It's the tropics.
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    No sweatshirt and no bluejeans!! TOOOOOOO hot, hot hot.

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    No way Jose'! Save the space.

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    Not at all! Save the room in your suitcase to bring home souveniers!

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    LEAVE YOUR SWEATSHIRT AT HOME!!! We now go over Thanksgiving and the weather is in the 80's - 90's with high 70's - 80's at night....You'll need a shawl/sweater for Feathers at CSA, and whatever other airconditioned restaurants are at the other resorts, but a SWEATSHIRT???? Ummmmm....No......


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    You never need a sweatshirt in Jamaica, it all depends on where you are coming from (home) and what the weather is like there if you'll need it to get to and from your car. I'm assuming not unless you are quite far north.

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    I guess. I will be the only one that says bring one if you are like me. We are going next week. I will have a light jacket packed. I also know that I will mire than likely need it at some point. It's over 105 at home right now. I haven't seen the seventies in months. When it gets in the seventies at night with no sun or humidity, I will need one. But I am very cold natured and I never get hot.

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    Default sweatshirt

    I ALWAYS get cold and I didn't need one when we were there. I wore sundresses or swimsuits every day. I did take a cardigan just in case but it never left my suitcase. I think you'll be fine without one.

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    I tend to get cold on the planes so I wore mine and then tied it around my waist when I didn't need it. That saved the space in my bag and I was able to use it when I needed it. I do find the air conditioned restaurants to be a little chilly so I used a light sweater there.

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    i am really cold natured, but when i went to europe, i wore my layers on the plane so i didn't have to pack them... plan on wearing like a zip-up hoodie on the plane to jamaica for october that way i dont have to worry about it taking up room in my suitcase

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    I always take a sweatshirt...but not for Jamaica. We leave from Iowa in the winter and leave our coats in the car. I am a naturally cold person and used to freeze in the air conditioning at work. I need the sweatshirt to get to and from the plane and on the plane. I have never worn it in 41 nights in Jamaica.
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    Default Sweatshirt?

    I am one of the few who gets cold when the temps. drop below 80 degrees. So in the evening or early morning hours, yes I would need a sweatshirt. We left in the middle of winter so I wore mine on the plane ride to Jamaica and again on our return trip. I took a light, dressier sweater, button down cardigan type with 3/4 sleeve and did wear it in two of the air conditioned restaurants and at Heliconia which is outside dining near the water at CN. At the beach bonfire on Thurs. night, I wore jean capris and a long sleeved cotton top. Yeppppppppppp, I'm always cold.

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