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    Default just wondering???

    I was just wondering if anyone had heard that there was hardly anyone at CN? I know the economy is really bad all over, but someone who has been there said that. It is always full or near full when we go in December, so I just can't imagine.

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    We were at CN in July and it was reportedly the lowest of their low season (approaching 55% to 60% occupancy, which is apparently as low as it gets there). We've also been when it was reported to be 100% (Dec, Jan, Mar) and while at times in July it felt more empty compared to then, at other times we really didn't notice.

    It is hard to describe exactly, but it never really felt like "hardly anyone was there".
    There were periods in the early AM (7AM, 8AM) on the beach when very few people were in loungers or walking the beach, but we've seen somewhat similar sparseness during the high season (and have to admit I sort of like it that way). Yet in the middle of the week I recall thinking the bay was full of guests on floaties and counted 38 people floating - which for CN's bay is about as crowded as it gets.

    The bar staff did at times look less busy than during other trips, but not always. In any case the service was always great as usual and any lack of crowds, if one could use such a phrase to describe CN, certainly didn't detract from our vacation.
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    We were just there in July and it was pretty full although it never really feels like it. That's what I love about the place. The catamaran cruise was full and the resturants were full but not too overly crowded. Just perfect to me.

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    My husband and I always go for spring break. I think that is considered high season. The whole reason we go to CN is because of the relaxed feel we get there. It was pretty full but just like everyone on the board says, its never felt crowded. We go to the beach every day at 10:00. We always find loungers and shade. If we do get up to leave to, lets say, play bingo, we may not get our spot back but we do find another great spot. If we were to go when it is considered off season that just means more places to sit at the beach after bingo.
    One Love,

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    We just returned July 31 from CN. Although I don't think the resort was 'full' we had a fantastic time. CN is a nice, small resort, you get to know people and have fun with them. We've made some great friends. Not really sure why you would want larger crowds?

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    We were there July 11th to the 22nd and it did not appear to be empty at all, we did notice that Thursday to Monday did seem to have the most people, which also was the same all along Bloody bay. The restaurants all had people dining, and the 4 or 5 times the Catamaran trips we observed going out were packed. I think it is a place that even filled to capacity it doesn't appear crowded, some people go on day trips and excursions, not all like to be in the sun all day and do other things besides the pool or beach.

    I will say though that our first week there the pool bar crowd between 430PM and 630PM was large as compared to our second week which appeared to have many more honeymooners who tend to focus more on each other . It seemed a little bit quieter than when we were there in February but not to the point to say it was empty or very noticeable.

    So we will just have to go back this February to do a comparison again!!! LOL (booked Feb 21st to Mar 1st)

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    We were there from July 29th to Aug 6th, over ATI weekend the resort was at 90% occupancy and then dropped back to about 60%. To be honest we really did not notice any difference was Thursday night beach party, Heliconia was pretty empty.

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    We just returned last night from CN and had a great 10 days (Aug 3-13). It is running about 50%. What concerns me most is the staff, some were sent home early or are taking extra days off.
    Some seem to be redeployed, ie a regular bartender doing the beach service. I realy feel bad for the workers who rely on the work to support themselves.
    The staff at Couples however did not let their personal worries detract from the service they gave you, they are all very accommodating and professional; there #1 priority is to make sure you have the best time of your life...Every day, many times, from grounds crew to management we were asked how we were doing and what they could do to make it even better. Couples Negril really does care about you.

    The low occupancy does not detract from the experience, in fact we got to know all the staff really well and its a blast when they continuously know your name. Not just the entertainment team but many waitresses and bartenders...even grounds crew. At one point even a farmer on the beach knew me and when I was leaving and I wasn't a customer-- really!!!lol
    With the small #'s you Could book Otaheite same afternoon, you may not get a table for 2 but we were seated alone at a table for 4 and one time moved to a table for 2 as someone canceled.

    We have been twice in August and last year as well the occupancy was low so for us its a great time to go...

    Book it now you will love it.

    THANK YOU COUPLES NEGRIL for a great 10 days...


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