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    Default CSS Penthouse Suites

    Hi, All:

    We just booked a CSS Penthouse Suite for 9/13 - 9/20. Do any veterans have a specific room number to recommend or avoid?

    Can I call ahead of time to request a specific room, or is it the luck of the draw?



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    I would suggest one of the suites at the end of D block - GREAT view!

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    I also would request D building if available. The view atop D building is fantastic. you get to see the beach side plus the ocean view is not blocked by all the trees and shrubs. The balcony is a great place to have dinner and it is very romantic.

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    My husband and I had a penthouse suite for our 20th anniversary last year. I believe it was called the Frangani Suite. Can't remember the number. I will check my pictures and let you know (I always take a picture of the door so I know where I stayed). It was welled equiped and a beautiful view. Very close to main lobby. Our bedroom window overlooked the quiet pool and bar that is below the lobby. When I say overlooked, I mean it was level with it. You couldn't tell by looking out the bedroom or bathroom window that it was a penthouse, but that goes along with being on the cliff. The first night we were wore out and ready for bed kind of early, around 10. I had just dozed off and music started blasting. I jumped straight up in bed. When I looked out the window, I saw that this is where all the evening entertainment is. Every night there was something going on, very loudly too. Usually over by midnight or 1 in the morning. All of the penthouses that I saw were fairly close to this area, so I don't know which would be best if you didn't want to hear it. I'm sure none was as loud as ours. They are also a long way from the beach and activities, especially Sunset Beach. We spent everyday at Sunset Beach and it took us about 20 minutes to get there from the one we were in. We have decided that when we go back to CSS we will definately get a 1 bedroom beach front suite. So much closer to where everything is.

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    Default Clarification on Penthouse

    We booked a Penthouse Suite and hearing about noise and such kind of disturbs me. Guess I thought that we would be away from the hub-bub. We were going between the Oceanview Balcony and the Penthouse Suites, decided to go for the highest level, besides the cottage, of course. Just wondering if there are any other blocks that are not right over the pool and activity at night? Feeling like we want to have our privacy and have quiet time at night on the balcony. If we want to be part of the entertainment we'll go. We were figuring on going with the flow and getting whatever room assigned but this last post has me concerned. Just wondering if anyone has any info to help calm my concerns. Thanks, Jeanne

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    Looked at my pictures when I got home, the name of our penthouse suite was Frangi-Pani. I as kind of close. The number was E12. I can tell you that from the rooms in building E, whether you are in the one I described above or not, you will not be able to have a quite night on your balcony. During the day it is very peaceful. But we tried to keep all the doors closed at night to keep the noise out. Didn't help much. We were looking for peaceful nights also, and didn't get it. If I am remembering right we had one night that did not have anything going on there. I think it was when they had the disco beach party over at Sunset Beach. Only peaceful night all week. Still loved CSS, just wouldn't stay in this area again. Definately a 1 bedroom beachfront room. I would look into changing if you want peace at night.

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    Wow! Now I'm getting concerned. Anyone have any other insight on this??

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    We were in E2 last year and could hear the band clearly on the balcony until it ends around 11:00 and I liked it. If you want quiet on the Balcony just request building G.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    Hi guys

    Yes we also were allocated E12 only 5 weeks ago and it is very noisy. HOWEVER, we looked at several other PH suites (CSS were very very accomodating and took around about a dozen they had available).

    My views are that

    *D Block is OK but the views are not a patch on E block.

    * Many of the suites in D blacok are interconnnecting across the outside space excepting a wooden screen and we were concerned about security

    * We finally chose E9 and it was absolutely fabulous. No noise, extremely large sitting room with french windows and security was total.

    I am a light sleeper and beleive me I can hear a pin drop but in E9 you could not hear a thing compared to E12.

    Its choice at tehe nd of teh day but we woudl certainly go back to this suite without hesitation.

    Good luck!

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