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    I am trying to find out if the resort will lend you snorkeling gear to use off of the main beach. My searches have turned up questions about lending equipment for use off of the AN beach, but not the main beach. I've read that the resorts gear is can only be used on the boat tour. Is this correct? Should we buy our own gear if we'd like to snorkel off of the beach?

    Thank you for your help, we can't wait for our first trip to Couples for our honeymoon in October!

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    I would bring your own gear. Preety sure they will not give you their gear unless you are on tour.

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    Thank you!

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    You will have to bring your own gear if you want to snorkel directly off the beach.

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    Time to go shopping! :-) Thanks!

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    Bring your own gear. I carry our gear as my carry-on so I can keep a close eye on it. My wife and I didn't snorkle off the beach at CSS when we were there, but we went out on the boat all the time. I think there were only about 2 times the 8 days we were there that the boat actually full. We hung out on the beach down near the water sports shed and got to know the captain well. Several times I was told the boat was full by the guys at the shack, but I'd just find the captain and when they were ready to pull out, he'd get a count, and if there was room for the two of us he'd waive us aboard. He was awesome!

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