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    Default CTI - Deluxe vs Superior vs Premier Ocean View Rooms

    Hello all -

    My husband and I are going to make our first trip to Jamaica in October. We have decided to stay at CTI but are having a hard time deciding which room to stay in.

    What is the difference in the Ocean View rooms? Are any of them new? If not, have all of them been refurbished? I would like a nice view but I am more concerned about the room condition than the view.

    Thank you for your help! We can't wait for our trip to CTI!


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    I believe they are in different wings or buildings. The premier rooms are in either the main building or the the new section by the pool. The others are in either the east, south or west wings.... Premier is much better in my opinion.

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    Book the wednesday special today! You will get the Premier Ocean for 299 a night.

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    There are some Premier rooms in the new building by the main pool. There are also some in the Main building. If you want a newer room, you can ask for the new building or building 2 when you arrive, but there are no garauntees. All the rooms otherwise have been renovated.

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    Default Room Differences?

    I'm ready to book my vacation for October also and I'm also trying to decide which ocean view type to choose. Is there difference in views? If premier is better, why? Is it the view, the location, the room quality? From what I read here, the only difference in the rooms is the location? If so, what are the better locations at the resort. I haven't stayed at CTI before, but sure am looking forward to it!

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    We like the main building... they are premier rooms. Close to everything and quiet as well..... all the ocean views are great... but we love the main building 2nd or 3rd floor..

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