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    Default Help! Having a hard time deciding between CTI or CSS?

    I'm torn. Surprising my husband for his 40th b-day. The beach seems nicer at CSS but the rooms/bathrooms seem better at CTI? Any advise?

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    The grounds are much larger @ CSS and the rooms are also all suites. 150 rooms on a much larger property. CTI is 234 rooms on a much smaller property. You will not go wrong with either

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    Well I have stayed at both... this year will be our 9th trip to CTI and we went once to CSS... I can only tell you this you wont be disappointed at either. Both have advantages and disadvantages but one thing is a constant is that the staff is the most friendliest at any resort we ever went to. As to what to pick..... if you are basing it off of rooms the ones at CSS are very nice and i think are larger that the CTI rooms. CTI was just renovated so everything is "fresh". CTI has the island (why we go) but CSS has sunset beach. SSB is very nice as well. Cant really say much about the regular beach at either place never really hung out there. You can pick either and not be disappointed and if it was my surprise I would be very happy with either choice. Look through the pictures and decide. Good Luck...

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    We've been to both and thought our one bedroom ocean suite at CSS was far better than our Deluxe room at CTI.

    At CSS we were in D block which has smaller balconies than the other blocks of ocean suites but we loved our room, the walk-in shower and the situation of D block. At CTI our deluxe room was in Block 1 - these rooms have not been refurbished (OK, they've had a coat of paint, but the bathrooms are in need of up dating, our taps dripped and the lavatory didnt flush properly, maintenance came several times but the improvement only lasted a few hours. The resort was full so we could not change rooms). I believe that the deluxe rooms in Block 4 have been refurbished.

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