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    I know this may be an odd question but I am a big football fan and I was curious does the resort have general cable where I will be able to watch college and Pro games? I am a CN first timer so this message board is very helpful.


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    Yes, the Couples Resorts have cable TV and have the primary stations you would find in the U.S. (ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX), as well as a lot of the cable stations, such as ESPN, CNN, TNT, etc. However, the resorts air the station affiliates out of Miami, so unless the teams that you follow are playing teams whose games generally air in the Miami area, you won't see the games that you'd see if you were at home in California.
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    If you have Direct TV and get NFL sunday ticket, you can watch all the games on your laptop because they have wi-fi in the rooms. We were at CN last November and got to watch on Sunday, Monday and Thursday on regular cable. They even play the games on the TV in the game room over by Lychee and have popcorn

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    My husband and I have been there in October. We are big college football fans and we were able to see every game we wanted while we were there. Couples is so great that all we really ever did was run into the room and catch a score and run back outside. It was fun though gathering around the pool bar and lots of people had on their team hats which led to lots of fun conversation.

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    if watching you home team is that important get a slingbox and take a laptop. watch your home tv via the slingbox.


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