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    Default Invitation to repeater's dinner?

    This will be our second trip to couples, and have heard all about the repeaters dinner. How do you know when it is? Do you get sent an invitation upon arrival?

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    You will receive an invitation for the dinner IF you are registered for Romance Rewards.

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    We stayed at CSA last Nov and I didn't realize that I had to be signed up for Romance rewards for the Repeaters Dinner. Is there any way we can get credit for our previous stay?

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    When you check-in, alert the folks at the front desk that you are a first-time Repeater just to make sure you're on the list for an invitation.
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    Default repeater's dinner at CSS

    We will be visiting CSS in November. We are in the romance rewards program and will receive an invite to the repeater's dinner. When is it held at CSS? Time? Any details? Thanks.

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    Make sure you let them know when you get there. I registered for my Romance Rewards and I even told the lady upon check in that we were repeaters. I never received any information on the dinner until I called and by that time, it was too late.

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    You get an invitation, as long as you are signed up for the Romance Rewards program. But if by chance you don't get one, all you have to do is let them know and they will make sure you are invited

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    Officially I do not think you need to be a Romance Rewards customer - simply mark on the check in card that you are a repeater and you will get an invite. If for some reason you don't and I say this because we have been missed on the official paper invitation at least once - go to the dinner anyway.

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    shhhh, just go, they do not check

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    So what exactly is the dinner and where is it? I assume it is something different/special? I'm returning on November and I'm looking forward to it!


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    If you don't receive an invitation just call or go to the guest services desk in the lobby, tell them you are repeaters and they will sign you up for the dinner. You really shouldn't just show up since they need to know how many people are attending. We always have a great time at the repeater's dinners!

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    My wife and I were there (Ocho Rios) 25 years ago and are headed back in Nov. Does this count as a repeater?

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    I am very excited for this! It sounds like a very special dinner, getting to know staff and other repeaters. Thanks everyone for your advice. Can't wait to get back!!!

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