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Thread: Hitched 7/7/10

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    Default Hitched 7/7/10

    I have been reading this page for months. Time to share since we got hitched 7/7/10.

    Slide show by Stacey Clarke.


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    nice pics! where did you get you flowers??

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    They were an upgrade from whatever florist Couples Swept Away uses.

    This is size "Medium" and it was about $60 extra.

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    I am thinking I want to use her to do my pictures. Yours turned out great! Were you happy with her? How long did she spend with you? Any adivse or things you would do different? I am getting married Nove 13th at Couples Swept Away Did you get the videography?

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    The pictures turned out pretty good. There are a few better shots she took which she didn't put in the slide show.

    We booked 2 hrs. It seemed sufficient. 3hrs would have been too long for me. It was pretty hot that day, and as you can see I had a raging sunburn on the day and was ready to get out of the sun!

    If you have guests (which we didn't) I would probably have gotten more time.

    As for pics, I wish I had asked for a few more standard portrait shots. Some of just me - some of just him up close. But you get caught up in the day and aren't really thinking of it.

    We didn't get any videography. Not really in the budget, but also, not too keen on it anyway.

    The photographer was very nice. She has a great british accent. She really tells you were to look nad how to stand, so if you aren't a natural poser, she will help you.

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    Beautiful pics! Congrats!

    We are getting married next May at Couples Swept Away and we just booked Stacey! Soooo excited =)

    Quick question - was that cake done at the resort? If so, did you send them a pic of what you wanted?

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    It is a resort cake. Chocolate.

    All I said was here..put this ribbon & this cake topper on it. And in the photo is what they came up with. If you have ideas about how you want it to look, I am sure they would be willing to work with you.

    I know they really seem to want to put flowers on it, I had to say... not too many flowers.

    They'll even bring the leftover cake to your room. We were barely able to fit it in the fridge!

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    Beautiful photos!
    I love them!
    Thank you for sharing!!!
    Give everyday the chance, to get the best day in your life

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    great pictures thanks for sharing

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