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    I emailed the wedding folks and inquired about the photography packages. We are considering a vow renewal this fall and all of the photography packages are extremely expensive. It seems likeit would make sense to offer a $100 package for 8-10 pics for a vow renewal. It will jsut be the two of us and therefore we cannot take our pics of ourselves.

    The stateside wedding coordinator suggested we speak to the resort photographer once we get there to see if they offer anything else. I would like to try and resolve this part earlier on. Is there anyway you can either find out more info on something private we can work out and who I might contact directly regarding this?

    I appreciate your assistance with this. I can be reached at


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    We renewed our vows last year at CSA. We were able to get half of the most inexpensive picture package for half the price.
    I don't really remember the details but I think the samllest package they offered was 24 pictures and we got 12. Whatever it was I thought it was pretty reasonable.

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    I couldn't agree more! We are also considering a vow renewal in Oct. when we go to CTI but the huge package is way out of budget and we have that from our wedding 20 years ago. We just want a few simple 8x10 and that doesn't seem possible? Thanks for bringing it up!

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    It is highly likely that you will meet some other couple there who will be glad to take your pictures with your camera. I have done this twice in the past. If you don'tmeet some=oen, then just ask someone that looks like they can handle the camera and go from there.

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    Yes, we're in the same boat, doing vow renewal mid September at CSS, just the two of us and would like just a few photos !! Hope you can help !!

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    Tracy: our office will contact you directly.

    Couples Resorts

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    Would love to hear the answer to this...we also are doing a vow renewal at CTI in October and would like a few photos of the ceremony, afterwards, etc. Can you post a response here, please Randymon? Thanks!!

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    Default Thank you Randymon

    We were contacted right away - thank you - but of course now we have decided to SPLURGE and go with the Sunset Ceremony! Love the time - wish we could get that without the photo package as it would make it more budget friendly! Just a thought - but we are very excited to do it at sunset and be able to celebrate all night!

    Thank you again!

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    Photo packages different from our standard offers may be adjusted by the photo concession while you are on property. Just ask and we will try to accommodate.

    Couples Resorts

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    randymon, is one able to get, say, a 12 photo package versus the 24 photos at half the price for a wedding? My daughter is getting married there this week and has opted for the DVD versus the photos since her budget only allowed her to choose one option. I can be reached at Thank you so much!
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