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    My wife and I go the C.S.A in December for a week then onto C.N. for the second week. I have read that the transfer will sometimes take you to the airport first then return you to the resort. What is the distance between the two resorts and would it be any advantage to just arrange a cab ourselves. Don't want to be in a van all day during the transfer. thx

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    A transfer from Negril side to the Ochi side might go through the airport but from CSA to CN, no it wouldn't. They are only about 5-10 minutes apart from each other. No need to spend the money on a cab, IMO.

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    CN and CSA are minutes apart. The transfers that you've read about that discuss stopping at MBJ are for guests going from a resort in Negril (CSA or CN) to a resort in Ocho Rios (CTI or CSS) or vice versa. In transferring from one Negril resort to the other, you won't be taken from Negril into MoBay and then back to Negril again; Couples will simply drive you up the road a bit to CN.
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    If you are transfering from CSA to CN,they take you directly. They are only about a mile or so apart. If you change hotels from Negril to Ocho Rios you might have to go thru the airport.

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    Thank you for the responses, that clears things up in my mind.

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