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    Default Anyone flying from Dallas? I need info please.

    We're flying from Houston to Dallas and then connecting with the flight for Montego Bay. I've never been to Dallas/Ft Worth airport and I'm wondering if we can make the connection. We are scheduled to arrive in Dallas at 9:05am in Terminal A. Our connecting flight leaves from Terminal D at 10:05am. id there anyone familiar with the airport that can advise how best to make this connection? We originally thought we were on a stop-over for one hour and wouldn't have a problem, just sit on the plane and wait for the rest of the passengers to get on. Less than 5 days before we leave I actually really looked at the tickets and flights! Too late to do anything about it now so advise anyone? I could cry!!

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    Not sure why you are worrying, if you have an hour between flights you will have plenty of time. You do not have collect luggage or clear security at all.

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    What airline? Continental has direct flights to MBJ from IAH.

    That said, I have a one hour layover in Dallas this afternoon and have to change terminals. I'll let you know how it goes.

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    You should be fine. We had an hour layover in DFW, and we made it just fine. The flight to MBJ was delayed, but even without it, we would have been fine.

    Leaving on international flights doesn't require as much layover time as coming back on one. Dallas is a pretty big airport, granted, but their train system is very efficient. Even if you're at the furthest possible terminal from the Jamaica-bound flight, I think it might take 20 minutes at most to traverse the distance. Good luck to you!

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    If you are on time, there should be no problem. The trams run very regularly, and are fast. Don't dillydally tho'.

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    An hour is more than enough time to make a connection in DFW. They have a tram system that takes you from terminal to terminal so it's quite easy.

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    Wow don't cry - millions of literate adults are able to connect through DFW each year. Your departure will be out of D the international terminal - there is a intra airport people mover that connects all the terminals - just follow the overhead signs to find the link. If all else fails ask one of the volunteers with a green jacket - they are very friendly or an American agent in a red jacket. One hour is plenty of time.


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    No worries, you have an hour. The airport is not that huge.

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    hi Sandtone,

    DFW is our home airport. We fly quite a bit and have had to change terminals numerous times for departures. You do need to head straight over to D through the Skylink tram line. Just follow the signs to "Skylink" when you get off the plane. It can be up to a 20 minute ride depending on how many starts/stops from which gate you initial deplane from so I would get over there right away. The D terminal is the International terminal and the nicest of all the ones there. You should be just fine.

    That being said, we are also on the 10:05 flight to MBJ - but on Sunday.

    Which resort are you staying at?

    Jamaica come soon! YAY!

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    Quote Originally Posted by IACouple View Post
    No worries, you have an hour. The airport is not that huge.
    3 LARGEST in area and about 4th in passengers in US. Sounds pretty huge to me.

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