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    Looking for a little info on SCUBA diving at Couples Negril. We have dove in Negril several times before and are looking forward to it again, so we know the dive sites that we may go to.

    Can you dive twice a day? Or are there 2 tank dives? What time are the dives (I'm assuming there is a shallow and a deep dive per day)? And finally, can you sign up to dive the morning of or do you need to sign up the day before?

    Thanks for any responses, I tried looking at some older posts but couldn't find any info.

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    You have to sign up for everything the day before...
    Hope the attachments help.
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    I can tell you that we made 16 dives from CSA in May and it was fantastic!!, diving twice per day and also one night dive. We did one - two tank dive. Chris, Jeremy and the guy's were great to dive with.
    We're looking forward to doing it all again next May!

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    We made two dives each day this past April at CSA. Signed up the day before. I am on Facebook and there is a page for Couples Swept Away Dive Club. I signed up for the first day of diving on that page. No rush to try to make it to the dive shack the day of arrival.

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    You are gonna LOVE the guys at CN! They are awesome. The diving is super and you will see so much. They do everything but breathe for you. It is the most stressfree relaxing time you will ever have!

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    Thanks very much for the responses, the pictures were great! We are excited to dive the waters of Negril again, nothing beats being able to dive in swim shorts!

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    Is it a problem diving twice a day?

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    You may dive twice a day no problem. If they have more than 18 they have a waiting list but we've only seen that once in over 100 dives. We always go twice and three times if we can talk others into a night dive! The morning is deep for advanced divers.

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    To answer your question, you get one dive in the morning and one dive in the afternoon as part of the package. If you want a night dive, it's $50 per person. They only have a two-tank dive on Saturday morning, and there is no afternoon dive that day. It's a little extra work haulin your stuff from the room to the boat twice a day, but everything is so close, it's not a big deal. The dives are awesome.

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    Default Underwater Camera

    My husband is going to be diving at CN in October and he does not own an underwater camera. They are a bit pricey and we don't want to have to invest in one for this trip. What are the options? Do they have cameras you can rent at CN or even outside of the resort? I know he really wants to have pics of his dives. Any suggestions you can offer would be great.

    48 Days and Counting!

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    What dates are you going to CN in October? We will be there October 8-18th, and we own a diving camera, and would be more than happy to burn you a disk of pictures while we are there. I always bring my laptop and empty disk's. We can even snap a couple of your husband underwater while he is diving! Let me know!!!
    To answer your question, they do not have camera's you can rent, and I am not aware of anyplace outside resort you can rent.

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    You will have the best time diving at CN. The team (Suga, Shrek, English and Brian) are the most wonderful groups of guys you could ever meet. They will make sure you have the best time and take care of you as if you were royalty! Enjoy and tell them Dorothy & James from Delaware say hello and see them in June - if not before then.....enjoy!
    Dorothy & James - Delaware

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    Default Dive Cameras

    Fred and Becky,

    Thanks so much for the offer, we will be there Oct. 2nd thru 9th so it looks like we will only be there one day while you are there.

    Thanks for the tip though, my hubby is really excited about diving.

    Robyn & Vince
    Atlanta, GA

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    Darn it... Sorry we will miss you. I bet somebody will have a camera! If you see somebody with one on the dive boat, just ask them if they would be willing to share pictures with you, and give them your email address. Our first couple years going thats what we did. It will work out! I would still be willing to share our pictures with you, since they go to the same dive spots, Your husband still might like to have a few for memories even though he wont be in any of them. We will make sure he has some pictures.
    You can reach me by email at b.armstrongphoto @ Yahoo dot com

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