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    Default Gift for the photog? wedding coodinator? Minister?

    My daughter is getting married 8/16/10 at SA. Is it proper to give gifts to the photographer, wedding coordinator, minister? If so, what??

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    I'd love to know the answer to this too!

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    I was planning on giving the minister a $ tip I was thinking $50.00, also the steel drum band $75.00 (3 band members), as far as the wedding coordinator I am going to bring a gift as she is an employee of Couples and are not allowed tips. I was thinking a nice bath set or perfume. I am hiring an outside photographer, so I will not be tipping her at all I am paying enough $ as it is but may bring a bath gift along as well for her.

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    great info, thanks!

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    Sorry this is a late post.
    I did bring $'s for my photographer because it was a "resort" photographer, but you can tip them, the spa, salon and I think some of the drivers cash. I brought bath and body soaps and lotions for the wedding coordinator and our room attendant, also some ankle bracelets for wait staff, ball caps for the guys, and snickers candy bars - the snack size for leaving at the table after eating or to give to the bartendars.

    Hope that helps.
    Susan and Dan
    CSA 11-7-09

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    Thx. Great info!

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    I gave the minister $20 and a thank you card, the wedding coordinator a thank you card and tipped my photographer what I thought was a decent amount! My photographer was an outside vendor that I hired originally for 2 hours, and she was there for 5 hours and did way more than expected! I only paid for 2 hours per our orginial contract and it technically should have been $100 extra an hour so I just gave her an extra $100 and it was worth it!

    in the end it really is what you choose to do and if you feel like they went above and beyond!

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