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    Default CSA first timer questions

    Me and my hubby are coming to CSA for our first time this coming April
    a few questions for those of you who have gone before:
    1. we booked a Ocean Front Verandah Suite. Does anyone out there have pictures of this type room? I have obviously seen the pics on the website.. but would like to see pics from a "real live persons stay" if you know what i mean..

    2. i have never been snorkling before.. is this something recommended.. and i have to ask being how shark week on discovery just ended.. will i get bit?

    Thank you all for reading and answering an eager girls questions!
    so yes...i miss-spell Jamaica in my username anyone who knows how to change that let me know

    Jamaica here we come!

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    1. We have not stayed in the OVS, however, I wanted to clarify for you:
    it's NOT an OCEAN FRONT verandah suite. It's an "Ocean Verandah Suite." These are in the buildings which are BEHIND the Beachfront Verandah suites. Be prepared for a lovely but PARTIAL view of the beach.

    2. Definitely go snorkeling. Or snarklin' as they call at at the resort. You've never been snorkeling before, so you don't have anything to compare it to, so my telling you that the snorkeling in Jamaica is nice, but not spectacular isn't important. I have snorkeled all over, and think that JA is a lovely experience. Definitely Go. In an 9 day trip, I usually snorkel 4 or 5 times. I like it THAT much.

    Have a great trip! We're right behind you in May.

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    awesome! thank you so much for your help, and clarification Vee!
    so yes...i miss-spell Jamaica in my username anyone who knows how to change that let me know

    Jamaica here we come!

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    LOL... that is too funny. We just watched shark week too and I am a little freaked out now. We have been to Couples almost every year since we got married (7 years) and I just told my husband I don't think I will be snorkling this time. LOL But from what I understand it is very unlikely to be attacked by a shark in Jamaica, so go snorkle and have fun. We did see a few sting rays which was really cool.
    As far as the room, we stay in the Beach front suites and I'm not sure if there is a big difference between the two but to be honest the pictures online are perfect pictures of the rooms and they really are true to what the rooms look like. 2 months till we are at CSA again!!! CAN'T WAIT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamicanmecrazy View Post
    Yes, I misspelled Jamaica in my username; anyone who knows how to change that, let me know.
    Contact Sean Russell at He can help you.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Oh, and BTW: No sharks in JA except for nurse sharks which we have never seen. They DO have little jellyfish, and aside from a little ooch, they don't hurt. We absolutely LOVE snorkeling in Jamaica. No, it's not Belize or the FL Keys, but you see some gorgeous fish, rays, eel, starfish and some very very pretty coral. If you ever opt to stay on the other side of the island (CTI or CSS) they have a really cool sunken ship (done on purpose) that they will take you to.

    Enjoy your trip to our favorite place in the WHOLE WORLD.

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    Default Hi

    1. We have stayed in the Ocean Verandah both times we've been to CSA. Unfortunately, we aren't picture takers so I don't have a photo for you but they are pretty much exactly as the website shows. I know that if you do a google video search for Couples Swept Away that there is a good video of the room. Nice room, great verandah and fantastic location.
    2. Go for the Snorkelling. Lots of fun, great reef and no sharks in the times I went (3 times total).

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