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    Default lobster night at the beach grill@ css

    Does the beach grill do lobster night or is this just at the other restaurants? If so what kind of dishes do they make?

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    The beach grill turns into Bella Vista at night, and yes they will have lobster. I can't remember how it is prepared there, but most menus will be put up during the late afternoon for your perusal. After dinner, it turns back into the beach grill for late night burgers/pizzas/patties
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    What day is the lobster day at all the restaurants in CSS?

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    * Tuesday night is Beach Party 7:00 on the main beach

    * Wednesday night is Lobster Night every restaurant offers lobster specialties when in season, July 1 March 31

    * Thursday is Managers Cocktail Party - 6:00 at the main pool deck

    * Thursday is Repeat Guest Dinner 7:00 at Helconia Suites, invitations will be sent to your room

    * Friday is Starlight Gala Night 7:30 on the main lawn

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