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    Default Blue Mountain Coffee

    My wife and I went on the Blue Mountain Bike Tour, and at the Cafe, we bought 1 lb of Blue Mountain Coffee in a plastic bag, 1 lb of Farmer's Pride BM Coffee in a burlap bag (over plastic). In Ocho Rios, we bougth 2 1 lb bags of JABLUM BM Coffee.

    The plain plastic bag was the cheapest. It was also the best, being a nice dark roast, much like what was served at CTI. The coffee in the burlap bags was all light roast, and really not that good.

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    How did you like the bike tour ?
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    Default Blue Mountain Bike Tour

    We loved it!

    It was not an adrenaline rush, just a slow coast down the mountain.

    It was a chance to see beyond the resort (not knocking the resort), and it was cool getting caught in a down pour.

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