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    Default How many times can you eat at Palazzina and Casanova at CSS?

    Im not sure how many times you can eat at these reservation required restaurants. Can anyone help us out.

    Wally n' Kirstin

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    There are no limits, you can eat at any restaurant as many times as you wish.

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    Have dinner at Bella Vista too, it's very nice and you can eat at a table on the beach if you like.
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    I have to second Cubismo. Eat at Bella Vista, I really enjoyed getting to eat on the beach and I enjoyed my food.

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    Yep, BV was awesome! I think we ate their our first nite.
    We actually changed our last nite reservations to Casanova from Palazinna b/c we heard such great things about Casanova & didn't have time to have dinner at both...awesome!

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    Unlike other A-I resorts, Couples does not limit you to a certain number of dinners at the reservation restaurants. You can eat at Palazzina and Casanova as many times as you can get reservations to your liking. Last January, we ate at Casanova twice and Palazzina twice for dinner. Other nights we did room service, or the Starlight Gala, or the beach party, or the beach restuarant (which is VERY romantic if you can snag a table on the beach by getting there when the restaurant first opens for dinner).

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    thanks for the info all. We will take your guys advice.

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