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    Default Transportation transfers from airport to resort

    Do we need to do anything to make arrangements from the airport to CTI or is that taken care of? When previously traveling we used a travel agent... we are thinking of booking ourselves this time....

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    You simply need to advise Couples of your arriving and departing flights. We always book ourselves by calling the 1-800 number and provide information on our arriving and departing flights at that time. If you're not certain of your flight arrangements at the time you make your resort reservation, you can simply call the 1-800 number after you've booked your flights to provide this additional information.
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    If you book yourselves, they will ask for final payment and flight details at 45 days before you leave. also if you pre register they ask for flight details. That's all you need to do.

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    When you go thru immigration, collect your luggage and clear customs, you then proceed to the Couples Lounge which is about 100' to the left after customs. Check in at the Couples Lounge, have a drink. The transportation people will arrange for a van to transfer to your resort. We never waited more then 5 or 10 minutes before boarding the van. Your Couples vacation has begun!

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    It is included and you don't need to do anything except show up at the Couples Lounge.

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    The resorts includes the transfer. All you need to do is let Couples know your flight information and the rest is taken care of.
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    Taken care of regardless how u book.
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