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    Default New and Improved photographer

    I was told they have a new photographer at CSA. The pictures I have seen of the old one were NOT nearly as nice as private photographers. Looked like something anyone could have taken. Awesome and professional looking pictures is important to me. Anyone been recently that can share their pictures of how the new one is???

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    New as of when? They have a contract with a company that sends a bunch of photographers so if there is a new one you might not even get him/her. They don't edit or anything else so the photos will never be as good as any of the professional photographers you could hire. We were there in April and the photos were ok at best. I am a photographer so I judge a little more harshly than most but they were still not that great. Many were crooked and the white balance and exposure was all wrong. It is really hard to shoot in those conditions but there was still a lot of room for improvement. Editing makes a world of difference too. I was really tempted to ask if I could edit them first before they printed them but I am sure they would say no so I didn't bother. I didn't really want to spend my vacation working anyway.

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    Agreed with melody here. An SLR does little (if any) on-board processing like a point and shoot does. The magic can really happen in post-processing, and it may be worth the time to ask for the shots on a CD so you can take them home and PP them there.

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