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    Default Hot Stone Massage?

    I just went through the online spa treatment brochure and I can't find the hot stone massage listed. I know they had it at CSS in January. Has it been discontinued? Anyone been recently that can tell us?


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    OK, so I figured out the spa page. There are way more spa services available than what are listed in the brochure. Has anyone had an amazing spa treatment that they would recommend?

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    I had a hot stone massage at CSA last December. It was not listed in the spa brochure then either. If I remember correctly, it was US$88 for an hour. Highly recommended. Very relaxing.
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    Yes they do have a hot stone massage and an abbreviated version called the rolling stone massage. We were told at CSS in April that they were going to be updating their brochure, guess that hasn't happened yet.

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    Hot stone is the bomb!

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    Was at CSS in June and they had hot stone, had one there and the next week one at CSA.

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