My wife and I have recently booked our first trip to CTI.We really wanted a suite so we could have the mini-bar in room but there were non available.We had to settle for the Premier Ocean room.I tend to stay up late and hang out when I am on vacation.We went to CSA last year and the Club was supposed to stay open until the last person leaves.My wife and I as well as the couple we traveled with had to leave every night between 12 and 1.They packed up the bar and gave us a last call basically.That being said the mini bar really served its purpose.Without blabbing on any more what I want to know is, does anyone have any ideas or things that they do to have cold drinks without the fridge in your room?Is there ice machines around? Will the bars give us a few beers for the road? Will they fill up a glass or 2 of rum for me to take to the room? Can we get some bottle waters for the room? Any help will be appreciated.