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    Default How do I book a split stay?

    My husband and I are still having a hard time choosing between CTI and getting to see more of the island and CN or CSA and returning to the amazing beaches that made us fall in love with Jamaica. We are thinking about spending 4 days at one resort and 3 at the other. How do I book a split stay? Do I have to go thru a travel agent or can I book it on the Couples website and take advantage of specials?

    Also, what is the main differences beteween CN and CSA? We stayed next door to CN in May and loved the beach!

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    Seriously 3 and 4 days is way to short for a split stay spend the whole week at one. If the Negril type beaches are very important to you then go there. If a private cove style beach sounds acceptable go to Ocho Rios which we love best of all. Of the Negril resorts we prefer CSA because of more dinning and entertainment options and we like the beach better but many prefer CN. You would have a great vacation at any of them. When I book a split stay I simply make two bookings one for each resort I want to go to. We are doing CSS for 7 nigths and CTI for 4 this year.
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    FWIW, we booked a split stay at both CTI and CN for our trip next year, with the big difference being that we've booked a total of 11 nites - 7 at CTI (to get the $500 credits) and 4 at CN. We were also torn between staying in Ocho vs Negril, then finally decided to have our cake and eat it too. You can arrange this directly with a Couples sales rep, as that's how I handled ours.

    I have to agree with Shari and James tho, splitting the stay between the two regions over a 7 day period does seem to be a bit short. I think if you were splitting it within one region, ie 4 nites at CTI, 3 nites at CSS, or likewise with the two resorts in Negril, then it may not seem so hectic. Heck, I wish we could have made it 7 + 7, but time and budget constraints (mostly time) prevent us from doing anything more the the 11 nite package.

    Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck and the happiest of trips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron & Rosa 25 View Post
    FWIW, we booked a split stay at both CTI and CN for our trip next year, with the big difference being that we've booked a total of 11 nites - 7 at CTI (to get the $500 credits) and 4 at CN.
    That's exactly what we did to! Wanted a 5/5 CSS/CTI split but added a day and went 7/4 to get the $500 credit special for CSS. Great minds think alike! Even managed to take advantage of a Wed. special and upgrade CTI to a ocean suite for no extra! WOO HOO I can't wait to hit Couples this year!!! I know a fantastic private driver/tour guide if you'd like private transportation from CTI to CN and maybe even a little tour along the way drop me a line if you'd like his info

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    Default split

    We did a split of CN/CSA with 3/4 nights and though they are sooo close together, about 5 minutes, it was not enough at each, but we did learn about both.
    We had previously been 7 nights at COR, prior to the CTI remodel(next on our list).
    As for the differences, we loved the compact property of CN and the breathtaking pool and view as you enter the lobby and the larger swim up bar. It was nice to have beach vendors on the couples property one day a week. I am still mad that I didn't get to make the leaf hats though.
    CSA has a very large and spread out property. the rooms are THE best and so tropical feeling! Lots of restaurant choices.
    After being at these 3 resorts, we sat under a palapa in the shade on the beach and decided we will go to CTI next, our favorite (compact and with many restaurant choices) and I think I will try to go spend a day at CSS, to be open minded, and since it is close.
    Best recommendation is to split the 2 resorts that are close together and plan for the other 2 in the next trip!

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