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    Default snorkeling at CSS?

    I've read threads about the fact that CSS doesn't have a cat cruise because of the reef, and doesn't have a bigger dive boat because of the reef, and makes for trickier sailing because of the reef...

    I've looked at the photos and have tried to determine what's sea grass and what's reef?
    Is the reef quite close to the shore? If so, wouldn't it make for some easy snorkeling off the beach? I also wondered if you could snorkel along the shore line?

    I do realize they have snorkeling trips, and we'll probably do it, but since the plan is to do our diving primarily from CTI the week before, I thought it would be nice to just take out mask/snorkel/fins to the beach and go from there.

    Would it be pointless to carry our gear to the beach?

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    We enjoyed snorkeling from the beach. One day we started at the main beach and went all the way over to the cliffs on the right hand side (facing the ocean.) There was some coral as well as sea grass. It wasn't the best snorkeling, but we still had fun.

    The sea grass in mainly near the shore. I didn't see where the coral began, but they are limited in their boat size due to the reefs.

    I know you didn't ask, but another fun thing to do is take an afternoon and go swim in each pool, soak in all the hot tubs, and get a drink from each bar. It is a silly thing to do, but we had fun. It was also a wonderful way to spend the afternoon together.
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    CSS has hobie cats you can take out on your own or have the staff take you out for a REALLY fun ride, but no big cat cruise. Snorkeling just off the beach is fine, bring your gear.

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    There's really no snorkeling right off the beach at CSS, but the water is warm with soft sand (and yes, sea grass). We took the hobie cats out a couple of times for sailing, as well as took the guided snorkeling trip with the staff. We go to Hawaii every year and I thought the snorkeling trip at CSS was better than any we've done in Hawaii in terms of the fish and coral. True, you're not on a catamaran, but it's still a fun boat ride.

    Here's the boat you go out on:

    The only thing I would say is to sign up early for the snorkeling cruises because they fill up fast!
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    Thanks Juli. Doesn't sound silly at all. I fully intend for us to try out all the pools, hot tubs and bars (except maybe only the SSB ones at night.. I'm shy) I just hadn't thought about doing a "pool crawl" in one day. Sounds fun

    ajrile, we'll take out the hobie cats for sure (weather permitting) We love those. At CSA we went all the way up to the island... and had the water sports guys come after us to check and make sure we were ok. It's nice that they keep an eye on everyone.

    We'll take at least our masks & snorkels to the beach for sure and maybe just float with our faces in the water.

    Looking forward to exploring a new area

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    Julie is absolutely right. You can definitely snorkel off the beach at CSS. There is some amazing brain coral near the cliffs once you head towards the spa area and mineral pool. The problem is this area is outside of the roped off area. Some small motor boats do make their way around in the area, so you have to be very cognizant of motors.

    The other problem is that when the water hits the cliffs, it tends to stir up the sandy bottom. When we were at CSS last January for 10 days, the water was only clear enough to snorkel on 2 days. The other days it was way too murky to see anything close to shore (but fine further out for the snorkel trips).

    I say definitely take your own snorkel gear, because if you get some calm wave action, the snorkeling is very nice from the beach.

    And, although the reef is close, you would have to swim directly in the path of the sail and snorkeling boats to get there, and they really discourage you from snorkeling in that direction. Play it safe and stay close to the cliffs if visibility allows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajrily View Post
    CSS has hobie cats you can take out on your own or have the staff take you out for a REALLY fun ride, but no big cat cruise. Snorkeling just off the beach is fine, bring your gear.
    Ok...we are new to Couples Resorts so forgive my ignorance. What is a "Hobie Cat"?


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