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    Default How did you pick your wedding songs???

    we are having a heck of a time figuring out what songs to bring for our wedding.

    We have chosen the song I'll walk down the aisle to, but the song that they are supposed to play after we are pronounced husband and wife..?? we can't find one!

    We wanted it to be romantic but also upbeat.. celebratory.. it seems like all romantic songs are slow, somber.

    what did you use? We are a young couple.. we like indie/alternative/rock music.


    also, do they have a standard "jamaican" song they can play instead if we don't bring anything?

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    To be honest with you, other then the song you're going to walk down to, I wouldn't worry about the rest. I'd just pick a few songs I like. Not trying to freak anyone out but people need to remember there's weddings just about every hour so everything is very fast and kind of in and out. You hardly have anytime to listen to the music before you're off taking pictures.

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    You can find a lot of Jamaican music on the internet. I had the same delima. I did a search for wedding songs on google and found some good suggestions. My taste of music are not in that genre, so sorry I can'g help ya there. good luck and congratulations

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    I'm having the same issues. I just keep looking and when I hear something good I write it down. We decided on "Smile" by Uncle Kracker for the recessional. Possibly "Im Yours" by Jason Mraz for the processional.. Still looking though, so if anyone has some fun songs let me know thanks!

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    We're doing Angel Dream by Tom Petty to walk down to (a little known song by him--at least the version we're doing is his, I can't be sure he wrote it)

    I'll keep searching for more songs to play. I know I won't hear much of it... that's part of what makes it so hard, the song starts out slow or lulling.. I need one that STARTS celebratory, since I'll likely only be hearing the first bit of it..

    so many songs we love but nixed because of the lyrics (too sad-romantic, about parting etc) or the beat...for example
    all I need--radiohead
    kingdom come-coldplay

    anyway, now looking at simple? beatles? beach boys? that kinda thing.. will keep looking!

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    Beautiful Day by U2!!!

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    We're not being all that original for Jamaica but since the first time we went to Jamaica together and realized we wanted to get married there, our "song" is Bob Marley's, "Is This Love". I'm walking down the aisle to that and then we'll play "One Love" afterwards. We'll be doing the same thing but with a steel drum band playing the music for our psuedo-wedding/reception back at home in July.

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    To be perfectly honest we started panicking about our wedding song as we totally forgot to take the CD with us. Luckily our Wedding Coordinator had a CD when we had our appointment with her and we picked out a beautiful song. I was that nervous on the day that I never really heard the song in the background!!

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    try Florence and the machine "you've got the love" ? its definately indie /rock. Its a remix of the original by candi statton

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    We used "Everything" by Michael Buble after the ceremony, and had two extra songs, "Smile" by Uncle Kracker and "Lucky" by Colbie Callet & Jason Mraz.

    We only heard about a minute of "Everything" after the ceremony, but when we went back to our room, we had our four songs on our IPOD and had a private first dance to our processional song, then listened to the next 3 while we exchanged our wedding gifts, etc. It was memorable!

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    "We are a young couple.. we like indie/alternative/rock music"

    Since you're in Jamaica but want something upbeat - try

    BEAUTIFUL by Damian Marley ( w/ Bobby Brown)

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    My take on it is this: I'm doing the destination wedding so I don't have to freak out about all of the little details and just relax. I gave the music task to my fiance I told him to pick 5 songs and I'll be surprised.

    Who knows...I may be walking down the isle to Michael Jackson's Thriller LOL have fun with it and remember that you prob won't even be listening much.

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    We chose Nickelback's Never Gonna Be Alone

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    This thread is a bit old, so the op probably decided, but just to throw ideas out there... We used "Is this love" by Bob marley for the processional and "I'm a Believer", the Smash Mouth version, for the recessional. I liked that it's upbeat rather than slow and romantic. I mean, we jsut got married! woohoo! Let's celebrate. Yet the lyrics are appropriate...
    ..."And then I saw her face
    Now I'm a believer
    Not a trace
    Of doubt in my mind
    I'm in love
    I'm a believer
    I couldn't leave her
    If I tried"...

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    We had "Not Fire, Not Ice" by Ben Harper while walking down the isle and "Better Together" by Jack Johnson for when we walked out. We asked them to play the rest of our CD while we had our mini reception too, so if you want to can choose many songs.

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    Lonestar...Amazed is one I am thinking of using

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    My brother and SIL are on the rock/alternative side of things and she walked down the aisle to an instrumental string version of Metallica's Nothing Else Matters - it was very cool!

    We're just starting to think about music - how many pieces do you need and what for?


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