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    Default finding lighters in jamaica

    Since I can't bring any of my good lighters on the flight I'm stuck using bics to light my cigars...which is a major PITA. If you've tried it, you know what I mean...and while the light is a pita the touch ups are even worse. We will be staying at css and I was wondering if there was anywhere near by where I could pick up a torch lighter.

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    You can put lighters in your checked luggage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daire View Post
    You can put lighters in your checked luggage.
    not torch lighters, only "common" lighters such as bics.

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    I don't believe you can take any kind of fueled lighters either in checked or carry-on. Is a zippo more the type you are used to using? I wonder if you could take an empty and check with the resort to see if the gift shop carries fuel. I'm not a lighter expert so sorry if my suggestion is silly.

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    you may be able to get a zippo in one of the shops and just burn off the extra fuel (or give it away) before you leave.

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    according to tsa you can take 2 "common lighters" such as bics in your carry on What I use for my cigars is a torch lighter which is still banned by tsa.

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    Try one of the shops in town that sells cigars. I'd imagine this to be the best chance you have at a butane torch lighter.

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    We have flown on Delta, U.S. Air and another airline that I can't think of right now. We have always put our lighters in the checked bags. No Problem. They don't pose a threat being in the bags. I guess for a conclusive answer you would have to call the airlines. We fly out of Boston, Mass.


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    I've packed my torch lighter in checked luggage many times and never had an issue. Yep, I'll be lighting-up more than one stogie at CSA in October.

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    We just flew from Ohio, to Maimi. They let us take our normal bic lighters on the plane. We then flew from Jamaica to Atlanta, the airport in Jamaica would not let us take the bic lighter back into the US. So if you find one you like in Jamaica make sure and pack all lighters away in checked baggage or else they will be taken no matter what kind.

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    Cigarmanpa is right, you cannot check any lighter at this point. All lighter have to carried on and they can only be common non refillable lighters. I just had two butane lighters confiscated as I was trying to get around this exact problem on a recent trip. I am not sure if you can get away with it if they are empty. I am hoping that they sell something at the resort or airport and plan on mailing it back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cigarmanpa View Post
    according to tsa you can take 2 "common lighters" such as bics in your carry on What I use for my cigars is a torch lighter which is still banned by tsa.
    I had no idea you could bring them in carry ons. I don't smoke and don't have any lighters but on our way home they thought my key chain flashlight was a lighter and threw a HUGE fit. How crazy they I could have had one after all.

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    If lighters are allowed as a carry-on item I am shocked at how many I see taken away at the security checkpoints prior to boarding. I wonder when it changed to allow lighters and I wonder when they will get around to telling the TSA folks at the checkpoints?

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    We had major tight security on our way out of Jamaica to Houston.
    Hubby was searched before we got on the plane.
    I was searched going thru a check point in Jamaica.
    Had to even go thru to the special room with TSA
    I had the SSS on my boarding pass.
    Even tho they said it was random when I asked, I'm not so sure.
    You do have a better chance at getting things thru check luggage, but even then you can be stopped and searched.
    You would not believe all of the stuff I saw that was
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    I just picked up a butane micro torch that uses disposable Scripto-style lighters for fuel. Should be no problem to check or carry on the torch. Bic disposables won't fit in it - the cross section of the lighter has to be rectangular, not oval. The one I found was $15 at Walmart, sold in the automotive section as a shrink-tubing heater.

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    Default Restricted Items

    You can find this information on any airline's website.

    West Jet currently posts this:

    Cigarette lighters will be permitted in carry-on baggage in the same clear, resealable plastic bag as liquids and gels. They must be disposable (such as Bic) or liquid fueled (such as Zippo) and presented at security screening. Other types of cigarette lighters will not be permitted in carry-on baggage. No lighters of any kind are permitted in checked baggage.

    a little insight

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