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    Hello to all,

    Just a question about CSS evening dining. I was reading the description of all the restaurants and it appears that all the restaurants are closed on the nights of the beach party and starlight gala, is this indeed the case?
    Can you have a private dinner either of those nights?
    thanks alot


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    Yes, you can book a private dinner on either of the night when the restaurants are closed.
    They also still have room service for dinner on those nights

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    Default You can, but...

    You can have a private dinner that night, I think (granted not on the beach, since you know... that's where everyone else is.)

    The bigger point is: do you want to? Missing the beach party, and especially the gala would be a giant hole in our vacation. Those two nights are really well-done, and I would find any other night to do my private dinner if possible.

    That said, it's YOUR vacation. Do what you want. Have fun!
    I'm just here for the food... and the beach... and the drinks... and the entertainment... oh, yeah, and the suite... well, okay, and the sunshine... oh, and the staff, can't forget them.. Ah, heck, I'm here for it all.

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    I agree with Stath, you do not want to miss the events. We loved the beach party! Great entertainment. We left the morning of the Starlight Gala and were sad we were missing it!

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    For those who have been before, what is the dress code like for the beach party and starlight gala? I'm trying to figure out how many "nice" vs. "casual" dresses I should pack, and how many pairs of slacks the Mr. needs!

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    There is always room service if you don't want to do a private dinner. We were there for 10 nights, so we were there for two beach parties. Honestly, we didn't have much interest in doing the beach party for a second time, so room service is a great option. You can order six appetizers and five entrees if you want, go crazy!

    As far as what to wear, the beach party is shorts and t-shirt casual. The Starlight Gala is more formal. Many of the women wear dresses or skirts, and the guys wear everything from Hawaiian shirts with khakis to shirt and ties with nicer pants.

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    The Dress code for the beach party is very casual. Shorts, sandals. t shirts and tank tops are ok. Although you will see some people more dressy.
    The Starlight Gala is more dress up. No jackets,but very much like you would dress for Casanova and the Repeat stay dinner

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    I actually wore my swimsuit with a very casual sun dress over it to the beach party because there was an after party at the au natural beach afterward and I wanted to get in the pool. I was one of the only girls who did that, and was sooo glad I did because we were dancing and drinking around the pool and we got HOT! Some people just got in the pool fully clothed.

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