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    Default Does CN have diet mountain dew?

    help! I live on this stuff!

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    I have no idea, but I think I need to seek help for my addiction as well. There has to be something in the stuff! The other day I brought one to my sons baseball game (where they weren't selling it, but had plenty of other drinks available) and I had a guy basically run up to me and desperately ask where I got that and did I have anymore? I sent him to my car to the cooler to grab one. Felt like a shady drug deal! LOL Good luck!

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    Jeez. Maybe a break from the Dew will do you good.

    I do not recall seeing it at CSA at all. Not sure about CN.

    I have to scratch my head when folks seem to depend on the availability of a particular soft drink, liquor or beer to make their vacation enjoyable. Just my 2 cents.

    I hope that you manage to enjoy yourself regardless. Have a great trip!

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    I am pretty sure they don't have it in Jamaica at all. When we were there in June I didn't see it for sale anywhere and a missionary we visited said he has to bring it back from the states when he comes home. When we go to CSS in December I hope to bring some down for him.

    I drink about a 2 ltr bottle a day of the stuff. I know it isn't good for me but I love it.

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    Go and enjoy all that Jamaica has to offer.

    Believe me, you will survive without your fav comfort food/drink
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    My wife feels as strongly about "real" Dew (no diet). She was disappointed to find it not available at the bar at CN last December. However, we found it in the gift shop. Each morning, I had to make a trip to the gift shop for a cold Dew, but it kept her happy!

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    Try some Ting with a dash of lemon or lime juice squeezed into it.
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    Give Ting a try! Kicks Mountain Dew's butt.

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    My hubby is a regular Mt. Dew addict (not diet) ... Don't understand it myself but whatever .... They do not have it at CN on their fountain drinks (or they didn't last time we were there). He did find it at the place that sells magazines, etc. I think. Kinda doubting they have Diet though.

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    Pepsi, Diet pepsi, ting, ginger ale, ginger beer, and club soda. That is the list. No dew or diet dew.

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