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    Default CN Withdrawals!!

    Hello fellow CN lovers!
    My husband and I were at CN in June married June 23. I am having some serious CN withdrawals! I've been on this message board every day this week...not that it's helping...and possibly adding fuel to the fire!
    I wish we had another trip planned...but we don't...will have to wait TWO MORE YEARS!
    Whatever will I do until then? Just live vicariously through you guys I suppose!
    Is there a support group for CN withdrawals?

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    Welcome to my world You now have CN in your blood! My Hubby and I spent 3 wonderful vacations at CN before lung cancer took him from me several months ago. I still go on these message boards daily. This takes me back to a beautiful, memorable time that I will never forget! Try to go back before 2 years! Time is too precious!

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    I know exactly how you feel, we just left CN on Friday morning and I am already having withdrawals. Sad isn't it, we spend our days dreaming of returning home.

    I do agree with Wiwistle, time is too precious, as hard as it is to scrap together the fund, what it will add to your marriage and to your relationship is pricless.

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    We go through that all the time when we come home from CN. But this year we are already booked for 2011. Hopefully we will be able to make the trip. have to find a job

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    This seems like a very viral problem...We were at CN for our honeymoon in Sept...met 2 Great couples, and are trying to plan a vacation in mid-late 2011 for CN or another Couples resort with these great people. We are always talking about when we get to go back, not "if".

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    once you go, you know. Make the time to get back. You can never get back lost time. wiwistle, my heart goes out to you, but it is good to have such wonderful memories. My thoughts and prayers stay with you though for your difficult times.

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    So glad you have such precious memories, wiwistle...and so sorry for the loss of your husband....You make such an important point. My husband and I have decided to come to CN for the first time in a couple of weeks. We see so many people waiting for retirement to do things together, and we want to be able to do some things now. We also think that this will be a great investment in our marriage and provide us with lifelong memories to cherish. I'm a little worried that we'll become addicted to CN though, from what everyone says about the place! I wish you the best!

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    So sorry for your loss. We have been to Couples Negril 5 times and couples Tower Island 2 times. We are thankful for all the memories and always look forward to going back. Will be back on April24th.

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