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    Default First Timers - April 2011

    Took us a month of searching and researching resorts, we finally decided on CN. From the posts that we have read, this is the best resort in the Couples chain.
    Haven't been on a vacation in 8 years and we are so looking forward to spending some much needed time together. So happy that Grandma has agreed to watching our 5 & 6 year old boys while we are away.

    Don't see anyone on here that will be at the resort from April 5-12, 2011.

    Since we are newbies....does anyone have any recommendations on the "must do while at Couples"? Any advice would be most welcome!

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    We're first timers too. Sounds like we went through the same agonizing selection process. But we are getting excited now. Grandma is watching our 14 year old son. He's not too thrilled about that, but oh well...
    It's our 20th anniversary and we will be at Couples Negril from April 9 -14. I have heard from others, who have been there, that you must do the sunset catamaran cruise. 8 years without a vacation and 2 little guys are overdo! Have fun, hope to see you at Couples in April. - Craig & Tonya

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    Default First timers too....


    This is our first time too. Sounds like we both put the same research into our vacation. We are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and will be at Couples Negril April 9-14. We have a 14 year son who is also staying with grandma. Hope to see you there!

    Tonya & Craig

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    So looking forward to getting there - too bad the trip wasn't starting tomorrow. Tonight it will be -33c with the windchill (we live in Sylvan Lake, Alberta Canada). Hope to see you there as well!! Only 45 more sleeps!!
    Stacey & Travis

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    You guys have to go on the catamaran cruise,its a blast. The rum punch is awesome. The bartenders name is scullly,tell him larry an toni said hi an will be there in may21-28,

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    We will be there the 9-16th. We are at Swept away the 2-9th... fellow Canadians from Grimsby Ontario. There for our 25th anniversary

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    Default Will be there!

    We went to CN in 2002 and will be back on 4/5-4/12. Can't wait, and we definitely be by the swim up bar havin some rum punch! Stacey & Tom from NH!! Go Red Sox!!

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    My hub and I will be at CN April 11-16 to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary which is actually May 17. Why April you ask? Our son will be in Florida for these dates on his Senior Class trip, so we're getting out of town,too! So now we only need a dogsitter! We've been to SweptAway and SanSouci and are really looking forward to visiting another Couples resort!

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    Frank & Teresa from Staten Island, NY will be there from 4/9-4/13. Looking forward to see you all there. Rum punch at the swin up bars sounds good to me.

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    Vegasquintuplets will see you there April 14-20th. Five couples-4 out of the 5 couples will be visiting for the first time. 4 more days till crazy times! Save some Rum for us

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