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    Default Newbie...CN questions?

    This is our very first trip to Jamaica and although I still can't decide between CN and CSA, I'm leaning towards CN right now. We are booking for Christmas,and I appreciate any help picking the right resort for us.

    Just a few (ok, many) questions...

    We really enjoy top floor the gardenview (lowest category) available on the top floors? If so, which buildings? If not, which room category is best?

    What is the mini-bar stocked with in the gardenview roons?

    Are you required to wear "wrist bands" at Couples?

    Are reservations required for dinner? We enjoy a la carte over buffet at night...does CN have enough evening options?

    What is the house wine included?

    Is Crown Royal readily available and included?

    Is CN geared to a more mature couple that is just looking for R&R?

    Do they have beach volleyball at CN?

    Is there a good amount of shade (palapas) available on the beach?
    Is the "towel game" in full force here?

    Thanks...I appreciate your help and patience.

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    Default questions answered

    I will try and answer your questions. I have been to CN x 3, CTI x 2 and CSA x 2.

    1- All building at CN are 2 stories, but room selection that uis floor or building is based upon what is available when you check in.

    2- Beer, rum vodka and you can request additional

    3- Whristbands, Hell no

    4- Reservations are required at LemonGrass and Feathers (or what ever the formal place name is. The Italian outside and main resteraunt are no reservations. Not every night is buffet.

    5- The house wine is usually one red and one white and are chilean

    6- Crown is readily available and included. If you drink it frequently the bar may run out in which case it may not reappear for a day or two. You then need to get it at another bar.

    7- You will find all ages. Often the Piano bar is filled with youngsters and at other times an older crowd. It all depends on who is traveling at that time. Usually it is a good mix of ages from early 20's - late 60's

    8- Yes they have beach volleyball, but often you can't find enough folks to play. They dio have pool volleyball and normally there is a game going non stop from about noon until 3:30

    9- There is plenty of shade trees but no papapas. The towel game I assume is saving chairs and yes it occurs like everywhere else, but we travel with 2 other couples and have never had a problem finding 6 chairs together in the shade. You may have to drag a chair to the spot you want.

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    Hi Newbie, and welcome to the Couples family. Treasure answered most of the questions, with the exception of -

    1. There are actually 3 floors in the CN buildings. And yes the garden view is available on all levels. We prefer Buildings 1 and 2. I would rather have this category of room because then I can stay longer.

    4. The only restaurant that reservations are required is Otaheite. It is wonderful. You also have Lychee, Helliconia and Cassava. Breakfast and lunch are buffets, Cassava has a mix of buffet and al carte for dinner, Helliconia and Lychee are al carte.

    Comment here regarding the towel game, although there is some of that going on at CN there really is not that much. At least not what we saw in Mexico or the DR.

    In addition to beach volleyball, there is also a ping pong table, bocci ball and a whole host of activties that are going on during the.

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    No wristbands!!! Couples is officially perfect!

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    At CN...

    1) Buildings are four stories - you can request a certain floor but no guarantees.

    2) No wristbands

    3) The only restaurant you have to make reservations for is Otahite. All others you just show up.

    3) The crowd differs but we met people from 20s on up. Great time.

    4) Minibars - as Treasurer stated.

    5) House wines - not a big wine drinker so I don't know.

    6) Towels - yes people did the towel reserving but we never had a problem finding a spot (even in the afternoon) so no worries.

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    1. certain buildings are considered garden view. I know that bldg 7 & 8 are garden view and I would assume all rooms are the same except for the garden view suites. We always ask for bldg 6 or 9 because we like that end of the beach better. None of the buildings are really direct oceanfront like the East Coast hotel rooms. You are only steps away from the beach in bldg 6-9

    2. Beer, softdrinks. You can leave a request note

    3. No wristbands, everyone is treated the same

    4. most restaurants no, they do have reservations at Otaheite but you can make them a day or so in advance. We really like the dinner options at CN vs some others

    5. not sure about the house wine, it probably changes

    6. yes, CR is n/c and available

    7. all ages, seems younger during the wedding months of may-aug, but a good mix, 20-70

    8. yes, volleyball, horseshoes, many watersports

    9. plenty of shade in negril, trees are on the beach. They have unbrellas at the pool, never had a problem w/ chairs, we tend to sit on the beach while there so we just pull a chair to our desired location. Chairs are harder to find at the pool. You take the cushions off the chairs and float in the pool or bloody bay.

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    Well so far I've seen in the responses 2 floors, 3 floors, and 4 floors for CN buildings.

    I think I'll split the difference and go with 3 floors. Besides, that's Blondie's response and she seems to be a CN vet.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    I love this. One says CN is two stories, another says three and still another says 4 stories. It really is three stories.

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    All buildings at CN have three floors!

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    We went to CN in June and beach volleyball was a popular hit. The ages ranged from a few in the early 20's to mostly 30's and 40's. We played around 10 games the days that I played, and it was a blast.

    Rarely saw people playing Horseshoes, bocce ball, but ping pong was more popular. There are 2 tables: one by Otaheite, and one by building 6 (the one we stayed in) on the beach near the wedding side of the beach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    All buildings at CN have three floors!
    Yep, 3 floors. Some "bylaw" in the Negril area about no building being taller than the average palm tree. So you will see no high-rise resorts anywhere in the area.

    The mini bar... when we arrived there was soda and juie in the refrigerator and a slip for ordering whatever you wanted. By noon the next day we had a 750ml bottle of rum and a 750ml bottle of vodka (next visit we will only get one bottle... we spend so little time in our room).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roclin View Post
    Yep, 3 floors. Some "bylaw" in the Negril area about no building being taller than the average palm tree. So you will see no high-rise resorts anywhere in the area.

    The mini bar... when we arrived there was soda and juie in the refrigerator and a slip for ordering whatever you wanted. By noon the next day we had a 750ml bottle of rum and a 750ml bottle of vodka (next visit we will only get one bottle... we spend so little time in our room).
    We did the same (checked the box for a bottle of rum) and I don't think we even made one drink with it, as the bars are so accessible and we were rarely in our room.

    I wish I were back at CN right now ...

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    Thanks Ron and Rosa, finnally someone who will listen to me, wish my husband would.

    Not as much of a vet as a lot of other folks on the MB, but have been 3 times and headed back for number 4 in just a few short weeks.

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    Been to CN 4 times with trip #5 in November
    CN has no building over 3 floors.
    We usually request 2 floor for the views. Have always booked a Garden view, but was upgraded to a ocean view room on the 2nd floor last year. There are no bad rooms.
    Volley ball yes
    Reservations at Otehite only. Usually no problems getting except on Monday (repeaters dinner)
    Go to CN you will love it.
    They will stop you as you leave the property on the beach and ask room and name. No wrist bands. But you are free to walk any where you want.
    No frigs in the Garden rooms unless they have change since we were there.
    There are all ages, shapes and sizes there. No one seems to notice things like that there.
    Towels are plentiful.
    They never run out of food or drink.
    Not been to CSA, but heard great things about it also.

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    Ok, I am going to ask a question because I have gotten mixed reviews on trips people have taken and 3 stories from Couples and S have me so confused.

    Officially Pot is illegal, but do people really smoke it in public or is it like everywhere else...People may do it, but it won't be in your face? Just hoping this is not like a Dave Matthews Concert, but those who wish to enduldge will do so in more private settings?

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    it is NOT in your face. You might smell it every once in a while. There is plenty there and the locals really want to sell it to you but you really do not see it at Couples.

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    We have been to Ja 5 times, and only once did I see somebody smoking pot.I'm sure it happens quite a bit but it definitely is not in your face! Have fun.

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    Ganja is illegal and you can be arrested for possession of it. Why take a chance and ruin a vacation.

    Depending on where you go you might be approached and asked if you want to purchase some ganja. A polite No thank you ends the discussion.

    While we have often smelled it in the air, we haven't had someone in our face smoking it. It would appear that the smokers were discreet in thier habit.

    Where you venture out to might determine your exposure to its usage.

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    thanks all.

    Seems that people have all sorts of expierences, but like at home I think people in that type of lifestlye can find it and other like minded people, but it is not as prevelant as they like to make it seem.

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