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Thread: July 2011

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    Default July 2011

    Has anyone booked yet for July 2011? We booked back in April during the first special. We are going July 1st to July 9th, 2011
    We just got back 2 weeks ago from CSS and had a wonderful vacation.

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    We have booked early also, we will be there the 8th through the 16th. We went to CN for our third time July 9th-16th. We just can't get enough of CN

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    I wish we would have booked during the special. Due to the unknown job futures here we just couldn't do it. However, our plan is to go back to CN July 10-17 (or 8-17)!!

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    WE are booked at CN the week of July 14-21 2011
    and CSS the week of July 21-28 2011....

    Although this year we changed our reservation and stayed 10days at CN instead of making the move to CSS.... It worked out great this year, so that could happen again next year.... We will wait till it gets much closer to decide.

    Allen and Cindy

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    OK Cindy and Allen- You are killing me here getting to go 2 weeks!!! But it is fun to have a Couples trip to look forward to, isn't it? I'm trying to talk Jimmy into trying a different Couples but so far, he won't budge.
    Mariann and Jimmy from Huntsville

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    Hey, where is everyone for next July. I know caribbeanlovers have just booked. It's only 10 months away LOL.

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    Default July 1-15, 2011

    We booked last month for CN July 1-15, 2011. This will be our third visit to CN and we can hardly wait!

    Jeff and CB

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    Jeff and CB
    CN for 14 days sounds heavenly! We may go back July 1-9. Isn't it great to have that awesome trip to look forward to?
    Mariann and Jimmy
    Huntsville, Al.

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    Only 230 days and counting !!!

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    I wish we had a countdown!!! Soon come! We are hoping to book July 9-17. Would really love to go for 9-10 nights instead!!!

    Chris&Denny - I've tried to email you and it comes back. Send us an email so we can try to get together!!!!!

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    we just booked with this weeks wednesday special. we will be there 7/8th-16th. i already see some old friends will be back too. Great!!! cant wait. myron and cathy

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    We finally booked!!! July 9-17. I am so excited to finally have a countdown!!

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    Default July 2011

    We'll be there 4-13 July! Can't wait....our son is getting married there. We've told so many stories about how much we love it there, he and his finance decided that they wanted to get married there. Can't wait. Only 6 months, 3 days to go! You'll see us at the wedding - passing on the love of CN

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    Happy New Year! Under 200 days and counting. So happy to see all our July friends returning home. Booked July 8 - 16. Our theme for this year... No tan lines in 2011.

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    Hi Sungoddess, we are from Clinton and we will heading CN in July as well. Hi Myron & Cathy, Don & Jeanie , Shaun & Cindy- we are looking forward to seeing you all again July

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    Hi everyone!! Myron and Cathy, Chris and Denny, Don and Jeanie - can't wait to see you all!! Looks like you all will get there the day before us and leave the day before we do. Save us a spot on our favorite part of the beach!! See you soon.
    Don and Jeanie - love your theme for this year. Ya Mon!!

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    Hey Chris and Denny! It is surprising how many people from the Quad Cities area go to CN. See you there in July.

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    We're looking to book for July 10th arrival, any good promos I should be aware of or wait a bit?

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    170 Days!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    168 days! We are getting married at Couples Negril and have 20 family and friends joining us! Can't wait!

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    Will be there end of June through July 6th. Can't get here fast enough! I need my Jamaica fix every year and this time it will be CN.
    Looking forward to it!

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    Hey Everyone,

    We'll be at Cn from july 6th-16th on our honeymoon. With all the snow we're supposed to get tomorrow I just had to post and say we can not wait to sitting on the beach drinking a beer.

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    @ Coachwank we will be at CN from July 6th thru 15th for our "weddingmoon"...we are also expecting snow...we are from IL...where are you from?

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    @kelcan54 We're in MI.

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    We will be there for our first time July 9-16th, getting married on the 12th! We originally picked the end of July, but my romantic fiance' looked at the moon cycles and the moon is going to be so beautiful that week. Nothing like walking on the beach at night under a full moon!

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