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    Default Couples Negril

    I am planning my wedding at CN for June 2011. There are not many threads on this resort. I really want more info.

    Anyone get married at Couples Negril? If so I would love as much info as possible like
    1. Where did you get married?
    2. What time?
    3. Did you use CN photographer? If yes, were you happy? If no, who did you use? would you recommend them.
    4. How many guest went?
    5. What did you do after the wedding? dinner? apps? Band?
    6. Any other info

    Thanks so much in advance for the information. I really appreciate it. =)


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    Hi Sharlie...I replied to your earlier post on my thread but if you have more questions, please feel free to email me at I can also send more pictures if you like.


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    Default We were married at CN in 2004

    Hi Sharlie

    To answer your questions....

    1. Where did you get married?

    --- We decided to get married by the ponds near the spa. It was very private and quiet compared to the beach. After the ceremony, we went and had pictures taken on the beach so we got the best of everything! The beach is beautiful, but it can be somewhat busy over there. We were very happy that we decided to have an intimate, quiet ceremony.

    2. What time?

    --- We decided on the first time slot which was 10 am. It was perfect...cooler in the mornings and sometimes there are afternoon showers. We had breakfast and champagne in the room then had a beautiful ceremony.

    3. Did you use CN photographer? If yes, were you happy? If no, who did you use? would you recommend them.

    --- We did use the CN photographer and were very pleased with our pictures. They did a fantastic job. Our only regret was that we did not get a video and wish we had.

    4. How many guest went?

    --- We were alone and it was just fine with us. We met a lovely couple on the beach the day before who came over and were our witnesses. It worked out perfectly.

    5. What did you do after the wedding? dinner? apps? Band?

    --- Since it was early in the day, after we had our pictures taken, we changed into our bathing suits and hit the beach!
    That night, we changed back into our wedding clothes (I did not wear a typical wedding dress)and had a lovely dinner at Otaheite. It was a perfect day!

    6. Any other info

    --- I wondered if I would mind being alone on our wedding, but once we arrived, it was never an issue. We've seen lots of weddings where there are alot of people in attendance...and the couple spends their honeymoon with their guests. That just didn't appeal to us. It's a personal decision. When we got back to the states, we had a big Jamaician themed reception/party so we had it all! As I stated earlier, the only thing we would do differently, would be to get the video of our ceremony (or have someone take it for you). When we were there 2 years ago, my husband video taped the ceremony for a couple we met on the AN beach so they didn't need to pay extra for that. There are so many wonderful folks there - you can always find someone who's willing to help you.

    We go back every year for our anniversary...already have our next trip booked for March 2011. Be prepared to get HOOKED. I guarantee that you'll be back!

    Congrats in advance - you won't regreat getting married in is awesome. Have a wonderful wedding and trip to Couples Negril. You will love it!

    All the best - Karen

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    Hi Sharlie,

    My hubby and I were recently married on the beach at CN and it was amazing! We were married at 11 am and I felt like it was a great time to plan it. It was still early enough were it wasn't too hot and before the showers, but also didn't feel rushed. VERY simple! We met with Kenisha, who is wonderful by the way, on monday and married on problems mon! We then went to the garden area where we signed our license and then had the toast and cake. Afterward, we went and changed into our suits as well and hit the beach! I can honestly say it was perfect. We did not use a CN photographer, as our guests took the photos and we got wonderful ones. We only has two couples at our wedding and it was great. You will not regreat anything you decide...enjoy it!

    Best wishes,

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    thanks for all the information ladies! I appreciate it so MUCH!!!

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    We were just were married at Couples Negril and LOVED it!
    Location: The garden hut--we decided it would be more intimate than on the beach, but saw a lot of beach weddings and they looked great also.

    Photographer: We went with the sunset package and had the staff photographer, Andrew, who was great. Our pictures turned out beautiful. We even had to up our amount because it was too hard to pick only 24. Sunset pictures can be tricky and he did an awesome job. Our friends/family said it almost looked like a painted backdrop!

    Time: We took the sunset package at 5:00. The wedding is at 5:00 and then a few garden pictures until sunset about 6:00ish. Some have said 4:00 would work too, but we had a lot of great extras in the sunset package which we enjoyed.

    Afterwards: We enjoyed supper at the Terrace, which we loved, and enjoyed all the congrats from random people...great experience! There was a band and all, but we enjoyed just being by ourselves in our room as the new husband and wife.

    Alone: We went by ourselves and enjoyed ourselves. We didn't have to worry about entertaining anyone else but just each other.

    I came home and told my daughter that she should get married down there and she said "you would pay for that?" and my new husband and I both said "yes!" It is great down there and enjoyed it so much.

    Flowers: I upgraded to the $50 bouquet and loved it. I also had my hair done at the spa and was thrilled I did that also. Makeup too... It is so nice to just show up and let everyone else take care of your wedding day!


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    Tambob or anyone else

    How did you like how they did your makeup at the spa? We are getting married at CN in three weeks and I'm still on the fence about getting my makeup done. I am getting my hair done there too. Thanks in advance!

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    I had my hair and makeup done at the salon at CN in June. I thought they did a great job. Although I might suggest that you find a picture of what you have in mind for your hair. I did not do this, and I didn't like the style she did the first time, and had to ask her to do it over. She was very nice about it but it jangled my nerves a little!

    Best of luck to you! Don't worry it's going to be great! Enjoy every minute of goes by so fast!

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