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    Default New Couples Resort ???

    Does anyone know if there is any truth to Couples Resorts opening a place in St. Lucia? and if so when?

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    There used to be a Couples resort in St. Lucia. The property is now called Rendezvous.

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    A few years ago a GM told us Couples had considered re-acquiring that property but passed.
    I believe this was around the time they took over Sans Souci.

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    I sure wish that when people bring these wild rumors to the MB, that they at least have the guts to cite where they "heard" the supposed rumor! Sheesh, it is only the right thing to do. Otherwise it is just useless gossip! Off the soap box.

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    we went there last year. All I can say is don't go there. It was not good.
    St Lucia was a beautiful island, but the resort is nothing like COUPLES. The room was very nice. That's about all I can say. The people working there and the food, not good.

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    Sorry, but there are no plans to expand to St. Lucia at this time.

    Couples Resorts

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