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    We arrive at CSS Next Friday, land at Mobay at 6:30pm. Since the Gala is that night, and we want to make it to the resort as quick as possible, any opinions on whether it would be worth it to get a private transfer? Would we gain that much time, over the shuttle? Would we get to CSS in time for the Gala either way, or neither way? Thanks. "Z"

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    If you land at 6:30p you can plan to be at the resort by 9pm if you go by either the shuttle or a private car transfer. However, you can save time by taking a private charter flight on TimAir. That would probably put you at the resort around 7:30 or 8pm. However, the Gala begins at 7:30p so I'm afraid that even if you spent the money for the private flight, by the time you got there, got checked in, and changed into dress clothes, it would be almost over.
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    Hate to rain on your parade (or Gala as it may be) but I agree with Amy - Don't think you're going to make it to much of the Gala if your plane doesn't get in until 6:30. The entertainment should still be going on but dinner will be pretty much over by the time you can get to the resort & get into your room, & get dressed up to go. We arrived on a Friday afternoon & by the time we got to the Gala at 7:30, things were in full swing. You'll probably just be leaving the Mobay airport at that time.

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    FYI - Tim Air stops flying before it gets dark.

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    I already looked into the Timair option. No luck, they don't fly that late in the day. No flights after dark. Oh well, we'll make our own "gala", when we get there. "Z"

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    Timair does not fly after dark... I think.

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    on this note we are at CSS on Tuesday, and its the beach party there. we are scheduled to land at MBJ at 4.30 pm, is that enough time to get to the resort and join in the fun?

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    TimAir doesn't fly after dark
    when we went to CSS we were alone in the Van, so there was really no delay, no stops...and we were there as fast as if we had booked a private transfer...

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    If we use the shared shuttle, will it only be "Couples" customers on the bus, or will we be stopping at other properties along the way? "Z"

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    Yes, if you share the shuttle it will only be Couples guest. You won't be stopping at any other resorts.

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