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    Default CSA Wedding Photographer - Andrew Vassell

    Hey everyone! I recently got married at CSA on May 22, 2010. My husband and I decided to use the resort photographer there at the time. His name is Andrew Vassell. The pictures were extraordinary and we loved them. He was great to work with and really exceeded our expectations. He is now out on his own, which means he has opened his own photography business and is looking to do beach weddings. I am highly recommending him. He is wonderful. He has 12 years experience doing 25-30 weddings per month. That's around 3600 weddings. Also, Andrew's website is

    You can check out my pictures at this link:

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    Love the photos - thanks for sharing them! We're getting married at CSA in four weeks and we can't afford anything other than the resort photographer and I was worrying about some mixed comments on here. I have seen some that aren't exactly my "style" - too posed, which is great for some but not for us. Yours look really natural. Do you get to ask for a specific photographer? Shame that Andrew isn't at CSA anymore Also, you've got loads of pics, did it cost a fortune to get some many extras as the packages seem to be 24 or 36 photos.

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    OMG your pictures are beautiful! I love your flowers...did they do them?


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    Also, your sand ceramony kit is beautiful, where did you find it at?

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    I had Andrew Vassell for my wedding and LOVE his work! We were married 04/20/10 at CSA and i wouldnt want another photographer. He's so laid back and he's all about making "your day" perfect in his films. Im on facebook, and so are our pics, they are set to prive , so just friend request, it's worth the look.

    Traci Raymond

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    Oh my! Your pics are perfect! Congrats on your wedding and thanks for sharing.
    Andrew Vassell seems to be extremely talented. Hope he can photograph my wedding as well.

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    beautiful pictures thanks for sharing

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