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    Default CTI - Premier Ocean Pics

    Does anyone have any pictures from the Premier Ocean room? I just want to get a better view than what the website gives. And if you have stayed in this room, would you recommend it? We are looking for a spacious room that overlooks the ocean so we can have breakfast on the balcony.

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    Premier Ocean Room at CTI (#3314). The closet is huge, the bathroom is small (actually they are the same size.) Here are soime pictures for you:

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    We book this class every year, even before the name change. It's worth it.

    Note that there are several physical locations, so the views change...I can only provide pics of the ones in the main building.

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    Wally, nice pictures.

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    We had 2201 last year and 2202 this year in the new building. Here are our photos.
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    Vickyj, u also have nice pictures.

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    They have two different sized rooms for the Premier Rooms, so I wanted to show the other one.

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