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    Default CN or CTI for my wedding

    I am planning my wedding at one of the couples resorts for June 2011. i can't decide which one to get married at. They both look so pretty.

    Must have:
    1. Married on the beach (with no naked people around) lol
    2. Nightlife
    3. Fun activities
    4. Relaxing
    5. Drinking

    They both seem to have both. Can anyone help me choose between the resorts before I rip my hair out. Any insight to both resorts would be AWESOME. Thanks for your time in advance.

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    CTI. No nudity on the beach. It's a fantastic Resort.

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    There is a difference between the beach at CTI and CN. The sand at CTI is more course and brown while CN is softer and white. Having Tower Isle as a backdrop would be great for a wedding! The only other difference in beaches is that CTI is a private beach while CN is a public beach.

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    CTI's beach is private--only guests from the resort and the staff are on the beach. That being said, the weddings we saw on the lawn overlooking the ocean were the prettiest, but that is just my opinion. So at CTI you can get married in the gardens, on the beach or on the lawn overlooking the ocean. Also, LaToya is wonderful. We have had the opportunity to meet her a couple of times and even though we weren't getting married or doing a vow renewal, she treated us just as though we were one of her bridal couples.

    I am attaching photos to show the beach so you can see that it is not "brown". I thought I had photos for the area over looking the see that were on the lawn, but I can't find them.

    Best recommendation I can give you is to look at lots of pictures including those posted on the Wedding Thread (click the Wedding tab at the top) and you will find that one keeps calling you back.
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    Have you considered CSA? All four resorts will have fun activities, relaxing and drinking, but CSA doesn't have a nude section like CN (although I doubt they do the weddings anywhere near there! Can you imagine the photos? LOL) Seriously though, we were married at CSA on the beach and it was fabulous. I think too that CSA may have the best night life, having the night club for dancing.

    I think my second choice would be CSS for all the lush vegetation and the fact the beach is private. The gazebo weddings overlooking the ocean would be really nice for an intimate wedding (we had 16, so no room in a gazebo, and CSA's gazebo is blah, IMHO).

    At CN and CSA you can have people walk behind you on the beach, but they did a really good job of holding people back when the ceremony is going and the photographers are shooting.
    So really, pick the resort that interests you the most and don't worry about the other people.

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    I attended a wedding at CTI and it was cool but it tends to be windier at CTI then in Negril. Negril's beach is much more beautiful BUT if I recall correctly...they hold the wedding ceremonies right near the nude side. There is a hedge that runs along property to separate everything but that doesn't mean you won't see anyone wandering from the beach to the water...
    I'd attach some of the pictures I took at the CTI wedding but since it wasn't my wedding I feel odd. Feel free to e-mail me at and I'd be okay sending you some that way

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    We got married on the CN beach in June. Although the wedding site is located near the nude beach there were no signs of any nekkid people anywhere! You can take a look at my pictures posted on my profile if you like. The "cigar-rrrr vendor guy" went by during our ceremony which made us laugh...but I wouldn't trade that moment in our wedding for anything! I thought the wedding was beautiful and couldn't have been anymore perfect!

    Good luck with your can't go wrong with either location!

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    Default couples Negril Wins for wedding

    Hey there..

    We have been to Couples thirteen times. 6 at Couples Tower Island and 7 at Couples Negril... You have to jst relax and pick one.. They are both perfect... Certainly different in their own ways but.... Couples Negril is simply Fantastic..... Smaller and tons of fun..... Either place will be perfect...

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    Thank you so much for all your help regarding the party locations, pictures, and everything else. I am sure I will have more questions as I plan. =)

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