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    Default First half of November!


    So this message board is quickly becoming an obsession- worse than Facebook, haha! If you're looking at this thread, you might be going or planning on going in November-- and if you'll overlap my husband and I (8th thru the 15th) then let me know!!

    If you're a seasoned Couples traveler, or would just like to chime in on my random questions- please help! Here we go!

    1. Vow renewal- we'll be renewing our vows (5 years this year) and want to know your opinion-- should we spend the $300 for the resort photographer? Even if we use them, would it be rude to ask someone to take pictures with our camera? It's their vaca too...
    Also, which type of cake do you recommend? Jamaican or Chocolate? Is the candlelight dinner worth it, or should we stick to the great all-inclusive food?

    2. Is zip-lining included? If not, is it worth it? Also, is it worth it to get certified for the scuba diving (i assume using up beach time to get instruction, but then doing one dive?) I know its very expensive normally... so thats why I'd like to try it. But snorkeling just seems easier...

    3. is there a limit on the number of cat cruises you can take?

    4. is the jump at Ricks really worth the effort to go off the resort?

    5. what's the best way to call home? (i'll have two little girls- 1 and 2, who will want to at least say hi to mommy and daddy once during the trip)

    thanks in advance! hope to make some friends before we go so i don't have to do this countdown alone!!!


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    in case you were wondering about the scuba- i found a great post that talks about getting certified. i'll take a couple quotes from it--

    Originally Posted by Ruminiscing
    I agree with Colojo.

    Personally, I would recommend finding a reputable dive shop near where he lives and taking the course before you go. This would enable you to learn and practice your skills so when you go to the beautiful warm clear waters of the Caribbean you can dive without sitting in a "classroom" (or beach) and writing a test while on your expensive vacation. You will likely find that the course is more extensive and structured at home; therefore, providing you with more knowledge and experience that will enhance your personal safety and pleasure (relaxation, confidence, comfort) while diving. Having a good relationship with your local dive shop will also be necessary if you plan to dive locally to keep your skills up instead of diving once a year at the various reports you may vacation at. Diving can be a perishable skill. Not all resort dive shops are equal in quality or service as some are very good and some can be quite scary in their practices and equipment.

    The referral that Colojo spoke about is another good way to do it; however, if there are no dive shops in your area your options may be limited. When taking the course at home or the resort, don't skimp on your studies or take short cuts. Like anything, diving comes with risks and your safety or your dive buddy's safety depends on being properly trained and practiced.
    You will find that, unless your wife or travel partners dive, you will be partnered up with people from around the world and they depend on your training and skills and you on theirs.

    Enjoy the course and the diving. Once confident and comfortable, it truly is an awesome and educational experience each time you descend. Its another world down there.
    i checked out two local shops, one I didn't get a good feeling from and the other I missed the class they were running by a day and they won't be running another one before we head to css

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    The answer to this question depends quite a bit on what PADI cert you are talking about getting. If you mean an actual PADI Open Water Diver certification then I agree that getting all but the final dives done at home is the way to go because of the amount of time it would take out of your vacation. However if you mean the PADI Scuba Diver certification, it takes a lot less time. Scuba Diver only coverws 3 of the 5 of the knowledge sessions, only 3 of the 5 of the pool sessions, and only 2 of the 4 open water training dives. This cert takes a lot less time, but does result in a more limited certification. If your diving is going to be primarily at resorts (like Couples) then Scuba Diver will work fine because all the dives from resorts are group dives with Dive Master escorts. If you want to be able to dive with a buddy anywhere in the world then the Open Water Diver would be a better choice and it is far more time intensive. My nephew and niece both got their Scuba Diver certification at an A-I resort in Jamaica and it was not an undue amount of time for them and they enjoyed it a great deal.
    All the best-


    so that's the scuba question answered- help me out with the others! thanks!!

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    i think i responded to a different post of yours, but i will also be there and am also obsessed with this board! Lol. I've never had a tropical vacation before, so can you blame me!? I spend half my day at work dreaming of the ocean.

    I'm curious about the jump at Rick's too!

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    I'll be going for the Jamaican cake. It all depends though - not everybody is to keen on fruit cake, but it will be rich and boozy so it gets a thumbs up from me!
    We used Skype to phone home the last time.

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