So this message board is quickly becoming an obsession- worse than Facebook, haha! If you're looking at this thread, you might be going or planning on going in November-- and if you'll overlap my husband and I (8th thru the 15th) then let me know!!

If you're a seasoned Couples traveler, or would just like to chime in on my random questions- please help! Here we go!

1. Vow renewal- we'll be renewing our vows (5 years this year) and want to know your opinion-- should we spend the $300 for the resort photographer? Even if we use them, would it be rude to ask someone to take pictures with our camera? It's their vaca too...
Also, which type of cake do you recommend? Jamaican or Chocolate? Is the candlelight dinner worth it, or should we stick to the great all-inclusive food?

2. Is zip-lining included? If not, is it worth it? Also, is it worth it to get certified for the scuba diving (i assume using up beach time to get instruction, but then doing one dive?) I know its very expensive normally... so thats why I'd like to try it. But snorkeling just seems easier...

3. is there a limit on the number of cat cruises you can take?

4. is the jump at Ricks really worth the effort to go off the resort?

5. what's the best way to call home? (i'll have two little girls- 1 and 2, who will want to at least say hi to mommy and daddy once during the trip)

thanks in advance! hope to make some friends before we go so i don't have to do this countdown alone!!!