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    Default So many days!!!!!

    228 Days!!!!!

    Jeeeeze!!!! I'm sitting here on the message board, counting down the days and they are slooooowly going by, dont get me wrong, the waiting and counting down is part of the fun!!! Also, I have a lot of time to get into shape. Man I'm anxious.

    Thank you fellow message boarders. Thank you for helping me get through these 228 days.
    One Love,

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    oh wow i thought i was bad i only hav 49 more days 2 go and it seems like FOREVER!!!!! lol

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    Maybe my countdown will make you all feel better.

    492 days and c....o....u....n....t....i....n....g.

    I guess I just get to have that much more fun than you, Mya.

    The good news is that my countdown started at 609 days. I'm making progress. So I've got that going for me...which is nice.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Checking the message board helps the time go by...I just wish more people would post their reviews; I love to hear how everyone "sees" Jamaica and Couples...only 98 days to go (we started counting at 226 days)

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    I was slack last year and didn't post up a proper review or many pics. I'll change that in 30 days.

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    27 days to go and I'm almost exploding with excitement. We're getting married while we're there!!! It'll be our first time to Jamaica and Couples, first time to the Caribbean for my H2B

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    255 days until we're back home to CN.

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    I to was slack this past April for a review. Maybe I will get to it yet. I was there April 2 to April 8 2010. I met a nice lady at the spa. She was getting a pedicure. She had cool tattoos on her foot. Also, she had the skeleton of a dragon on her calf. She was going to school to be a xray tech. I think. If you are out there, Helloooo!! I lost your email.
    Mya and Brian Ties
    One Love,

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    We have 390 days to go, and I could really use to get away now! but, at least we have something to look forward to. This will be our first time to Jamaica

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    23 days and 388 days !!! Work is completely in the back of my mind and I am concentrating on beef patties and Red Stripe !!!
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    36 for me and yes, needs to hurry up!!!! much needed R&R.....

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    Default 1st time to Couples SA

    90 days to go & counting! Woohoo, can't wait.
    Nov 2-9, 2010

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    Default 68 days

    Not that I want to rush summer, but!!!! I am so excited to just get away hubby and me..leaving our daughter with her aunt in Florida!!! We will be celebrating a belated 25th Wedding Anniversary which was July 6th!!! Bring on October!!!

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    We are 57 Days away and we cannot wait. I am constantly on the message boards and I love hearing everyone's advice and reviews. This will be mine and my husband's first time to CN and we will be renewing our vows on 10-05 to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. If anyone happens to know, exactly what toiletries does the resort provide? Just shampoo and body wash? or more? I am trying to plan ahead to make sure we have everything we need.

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    We have 189 days! It's nice to know we aren't the only ones counting down the days, regardless of how long that is! We can't wait...our first AI, our first trip to Jamaica and our first vacation since our little man was born three years ago! I'm on the message board daily to get my little Couples "fix" to help the time pass!

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    February 4th-16th 2011! 183 days for us until we return home to CTI!!!!! We booked in April. This is the only way to do it, It gives a person something to look forward to. We are so exicted, its going faster than I thought it would.

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    First timer.... 25 days for me =)))

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    342 for us. You know your hooked when you start planning next trip on the bus ride to the airport.

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    This time next week, the bus should be pulling up at CSS with me on it. This trip was booked last August, on the day we got back from our first trip. About 385 days to CN. Luggage out of attic and getting excited.

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    Exactly 400 days to go! Time IMO is not flying. I also agree with people should write more reviews and post more pictures. I love to hear about other people's stay @ Couples since, I have never been.

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    38 days and we will be there! Getting married on the 22nd of September 1st time for everything! ( Coming to Jamaica, coming to CTI, etc.. ) Does this make me a Jamaican Virgin?

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    478 more days until our first Jamaican vacation!

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    I just booked our September CN trip yesterday. Only 37 days before we return!
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    113 for us! We can't wait, and you are right, time is moving by so slow! All of my family(brother, sister, and parents) are going on their vacations now.

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    Yep, we have officially started our countdown. We are currently at 265 days till we land at CN...... Its been since 2005 since we were at COR (not CTI) and can't wait to check out CN.

    Barry & Cheryle and
    Renee & Joe
    May 4-13

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