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    Default Friday night Beach Party- CSA

    Was wanting to get some more information about the beach party on Fridays. Specifically, what time does it start, is the food buffet style, how long does it last, are other restaurants open too,etc. I also saw there was a Mento Band on the beach, how long do they play? We are getting married 11/06/10 & were considering having a cocktail party with a Mento Band for a few hours Friday evening. Not sure if we need to do all of that (band specifically) if it's provided anyway


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    We went last March and I believe it started a bit after sunset, it was a buffet style and very good with many choices. LOL , watch for Jason as he likes to sneak around and suprise people. Don't recall if all of the other restaurants stayed open. Mento Band played early in the party for about 10 to 20 minutes.

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    We are getting married at CSA on 11/5! We are having our "reception" at the beach party. I think it starts at 8 or 9 (but I'm thinking 8). The food is buffet style and it is more local food than anything else which was great. They have a bar out there, a band playing...they had dancers come and even a guy that twirls fire...although I think we caught him on his first night (back in 2007)...he burnt himself a couple times I'm not sure what other restaurants are open that night. I didn't think any of them were but I read somewhere that someone got reservations at Feathers that night.

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    Sounds like fun! We'll be there with 3 other couples Nov 2-9, 2010

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