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    Default CSS Water Sports, General Questions

    We are staying at CSS for a very short time at the end of the month. We stayed at CSA last year at the same time. I have one specific question, and one general question:

    (1) Where do you sign up for the water sports -- is there a sports hut like at CSA, and if so, where is it located?

    (2) If you were staying at CSS for only a few days, what would you consider a "must see" or "must do"?


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    Water sports hut is at the far end of the beach. Must do.....Relax and have fun.

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    The watersports hut is located on the west end of the main beach. Be sure to have dinner on the beach @ Bella Vista.
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    Must see/do would include relaxing, having a massge and visiting Dunn's River Falls.

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    Any advice on what are the best FREE water sports and activities?

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    Take some time to explore the wonderful grounds at CSS. Meet & greet Crackers the parrot while you do, he's a riot and loves red nail polish (as my wife found out).
    Check out the hidden hot tub next to the mineral pool one night while sipping on rum cream.
    If you're there on a Friday, don't miss the Starlight Gala.
    Other than that, relax & enjoy! It's a remarkably beautiful resort with a wonderful staff.

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    Short trip, top 3 things to do!
    1. Relax and enjoy
    2. Dunn's River Falls
    3. Relax and enjoy

    For the one that asked about free watersports there are a lot. Snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, glass bottom boat, scuba (with limitations), waterskiing, kneeboarding.....I think there is more. We did the snorkeling, sailing and kayaked several times. Our snorkeling was on the glass bottom boat so no need for a different trip.

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    The watersports hut is located at the far end of the swim-up pool.

    Definitely walk around the pond behind the "A" block of rooms (this is the jogging track). There is lovely flora and fauna, with stunning views of the beach and mountains.

    If you can, schedule a massage in one of the huts overlooking the Sea. There is nothing like feeling the cool sea breeze and listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the cliffs below.

    The snorkeling is free and well worth the trip. They take excellent care of you.

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    Default water sports

    AS others have said, the water sports hut is at the far end of the beach. You can sign up there the same day or the day before - depending on what you are doing.

    We did the paddle boats and glass bottom boats. REally wanted to do the hobie cat but it was either not windy enough or TOO windy when we wanted to do it.

    I would say definitely visit Dunns River and get a couples massage in the drift away.

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