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    Default Recommendations for our next Couples?

    We've stayed at CN and CSA, and of of those two, we liked CSA the best. We really loved the location, cruise, snorkeling and restaurants. We may go back, but we don't want to miss out on a new experience we might enjoy as much or more.

    We an older couple, not so much into water sports. We live at a beach, and although we like beautiful beaches, it's not as important to us as having nice pools. We enjoy snorkeling.

    We're looking for recommendations for another Couples locations this winter. What's YOUR favorite and why? Thanks!

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    We have been going to Couples CSS for five years now. You have to visit CSS next. The resort is beautiful, relaxing, quite, but with great entertainment. The staff is very attentive to your every need. They have four pools, all of them have their own special atmosphere. Go find the one that you like best. The snorkeling is fantastic, the watersport guys really know how to make sure you have fun. The rooms are all suites with mini bars, and the food is some of the best you will ever eat. Go to CSS and enjoy.
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    CTI. Good snorkeling, good restaurants, lovely pools (four in total counting the one on the Island. The best staff ever. Newly renovated - what are you waiting for?

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    We are also older and CTI would be our vote.

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    Patricia...We have been to CTI and CSS twice and we love CSS the best. The staff, entertainment and food are wonderful at CSS. You will love the mineral pool at CSS. CSS has a lot of nooks to explore and it's just an absolutely beautiful resort. We have found our home away from home. CSS has a more Caribbean feel to it. CTI feels more like a hotel to us. But that is just our opinion. A lot of people love CTI. Good luck with your choice.

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    Thank you SO much! I think we may live long enough to enjoy both CTI and CSS, LOL! Both sound like excellent suggestions. I REALLY appreciate you taking time to respond. We used to be big S fans, but in addition to price increases, the quality has suffered in recent years. We've been very impressed and pleased with Couples. Thanks again!

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