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    Default t.v's and air conditioning

    which rooms do and don't have air con and tv.s at CSA?

    We are palnning on returning in Oct. First time to CSA. we ahve been to CN before and loved it

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    All rooms have air conditioning, Atriums have no TV.
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    All the rooms have air con, only the Atriums do not have TV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cubismo View Post
    All rooms have air conditioning, Atriums have no TV.
    Also, Beachfront Suites do not have TV...and you won't miss it.

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    Beachfront Suites also do not have T.V.
    Beachfront VERANDAH suites have TV.

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    thanx my friends.

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    1 more question. Do all the rooms at CSA have mini bars (fridge)? if not which ones do not

    Thanx again

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    Do the beachfront suites at CSA have tv? I thought they didn't? I'm not really bothered either way, but nice to know...

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    Hey, when are you going in Oct?

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    yes most liekly 2nd week?

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