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    Default CSS - What room type is this.

    I have just been looking at some pictures posted by someone on Trip advisor.

    Picture taken from the bedroom had sliding glass doors leading to the sitting room and then french windows to the balcony and the bathroom had an enormous with what looked like a shelf type seat under the window.
    The sitting room did not look big enough to be a one bedroom ocean view suite so I am curious to know what room type it is.

    This is hopefully the link to the pictures

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    I would say a deluxe ocean suite. Our friends had one and they loved it. It would be in Block C. My gf had to look to the right off the verandah, but they could see the ocean.

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    Its a one bedroom ocean suite, and its in D block judging by the size of the balcony. We had one in Feb 2009.

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    I'm also going to say a one-bedroom ocean suite because this sounds and looks like what we were initially given, D-17, however, ours had no shower curtain, very strange. It was a real battle to keep the water off the bathroom floor, even though there was a ledge and I turned the shower head away. I asked to be changed to another room because it did not match the photos I saw (in the panoramic view of the one-bedroom ocean suite from this site). They did so very graciously and the room we then received (G-2) was at least twice the size and had a huge balcony, big living room and a separate bedroom (and a shower curtain). Don't get we wrong, I love the idea of an open shower but I didn't want to slip and break my neck. I was assured that both of these rooms were in the same category.

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    I like the idea of this one though because you can have the glass doors open and wake up to the sun shine as opposed to being in a room at the back.

    Thats the only problem I can see with the one bed oceanview as the bedroom appears to be at the back, its a pity the bedroom and sitting room aren't side by side.

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    kazd-good point. I have to admit something. When walking by one of the rooms on the floor below us in bldg G...I peeked in, ok it was from the sidewalk, not like I crawled up on the balcony and cupped my hand around my eyes and looked thru the glass. There were rooms that had the huge balcony with double lounger and table with four chairs but the bedroom and living room seemed to be combined. I could see a bed and a living room set thru the sliding glass doors. This might be the best of both worlds but what room category it is...who knows?

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