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    Default CN vs CSA, Better Beach and Local Activities

    Ok, I have read a bunch of reviews but still need some help here. How is the beach between the 2 Couples, As Beach is very important to us! And snorkelling from the beach. But does both offer a boat ride to a reef?

    I realize the CN is in Bloody Bay, but even CSA is still a long walk from town, taxi ride for both, am I wrong? As we do like to walk and check out some of the local activities.

    Do the resorts give you a nice local feel or flavor? As we have preffered the small resorts in the past, is CSA to Big?

    Please any details or tips on helpin me decide between these 2 resorts, as I think i have it decided between these for our Mid December vacation.

    Thank for the Help

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    Default Really like CN

    I can only comment on CN (though I am sure there will be plenty of people to comment on CSA), but I really like the set up of CN. The beach is definitely big enough and there is plenty of room so you don't feel crowded. There isn't a lot of foot traffic from vendors or people from other resorts, which I like. On the other hand, if you want a more "Jamaican feel" the vendors on 7 mile beach will certainly supply it!

    In terms of snorkeling, both offer the same trips as far as I know. We went snorkeling 6 or 7 times at CN (including the night snorkel - awesome!) and we often saw the CSA boat at the same reefs. Don't know which resort would be better so see things by the beach - though there were stingrays and starfish that would come up in the afternoons.

    If you are looking for a smaller, possibly more intimate resort, then CN would be the one for you. And though it is smaller than CSA, it never felt too small.

    Hope this helps. I am sure someone will reply that has stayed at both and can give you a better idea. (Though I don't know if you'll ever get a truely objective response - people seem to have a preference. We certainly do and are returning to CN next month!)

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    I like the CSA beach better, it was not as deep, but you have more room to spread out and there is more shade.

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    I have been to both CSA and CN, CSA would win for me hands down there seems a lot more space on CSA beach than CN which I found was to close to both the R and B, at CSA the beach never seems to be to crowded there is always a quiet spot, with regards to the resorts in general again I would chose CSA, There is so much more choice there the rooms are nicer laid out and the gardens are much prettier ( in my opinion) so much more dining options. I felt as though everything was cramped together at CN. I have only stayed once at CN but twice at CSA my choice for next year will definatly be CSA.

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