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    following the earlier query re Thompson transfers I too would be interested in how it works at the airport from previous travellers- thanks

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    Who ever you are booked through and whichever country you are coming from, it is all the same. Once you are through Customs, go to the Couples Lounge (its off to the left as you exit Customs) and you will be taken care of.

    Dawn (UK)

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    Couples has the same transport for all their guests. It doesn't matter where you fly in from. The folks at the couples lounge will sort you out. Enjoy.

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    Please be aware if you have booked through Thomson (UK) and have a private taxi transfer booked make sure you flag a rep down at airport and make them aware of this, otherwise they might stick you on the bus. I read this from one of the trip adviser posts.

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    Default UK transfers

    thanks for that last reply - I did wonder as Thompson's state private transfer

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    Quote Originally Posted by bgordon View Post
    following the earlier query re Thompson transfers I too would be interested in how it works at the airport from previous travellers- thanks
    I used Thomson's for my trip to CSS in March of this year. When you receive your travel documents they will tell you to report to the Thomson's reps after passing through customs (the reps are stationed almost directly in front of the customs exit)and make no mention of Couples arranging the transfers to your resort when, in fact, the transfers are handled by Couples.

    After you leave customs report to the the Thomson rep who will give you an envelope containing Thomson contact numbers for whilst you are in Jamaica (the reps, thankfully, don't visit Couples resorts) and point you in the direction of the Couples Lounge (a few yards to your left). Thomsons will already have advised Couples of your arrival details and your name will be on their "arrivals list" with a note to the effect that you have a private transfer. Once you arrive at the Couples lounge their reception team will look after you and arrange for you to be shown to your car. Couples are a very good quality outfit who know how to look after their guests and you will have no problems.

    A couple of things to look out for. On the way out make sure you complete the Jamaican entry & exit form for each member of your party and pack black biros in your hand luggage to complete them. Failure to complete the forms before arrival will relegate you to the back of the queue. On the way home there will be a departure tax to pay in cash for each person travelling (no cards accepted and you can pay in US$, Jamaican $ or Sterling) - Thomson didn't mention this in the travel documents (UK scheduled flights include this in the cost of the ticket but most charter operators don't) I can't remember the exact cost but it is somewhere in the region of 20 - I found that paying in Jamaican $ was the cheapest option (about 12/15 from memory)

    Couples are a quality act and you are going to have a great holiday.

    Stuart & Pauline

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