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    Default Airport question

    Hello all hope someone has done this before..

    We are going to the other resort the B resort for a week WITH THE FAMILY before going to CTI. When we get back to the airport will we be able to go to the couples lounge?? We have several friends coming in to meet up with us for the trip to CTI.

    Thanks Lance

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    You can't access the lounge, but you can have someone run in and let Couples know you're ready for the transfer. Make sure they have your arrival date correct.

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    If you are going to CTI you can go to the Couples lounge for transporttation there

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    No that would require going into the airport and you will not be allowed to do that. Your friends will either have to meet you at the resort or on the shuttle.

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    thanks for the info

    4th trip to CTI and can't wait to get there

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    The Lounge is accessed by arriving passengers and is not accessible other than by arriving passengers. You could not get into that part of the airport without a boarding pass.

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