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    Default Romance Rewards ???

    Hi All! We will be back at CTI for our fourth visit in 57 days! My question is in regards to our Romance Rewards. I want to pre register but I want to verify our level first. My account says we are at 29 nights, which equates to the Passionate Level(24+ nights), but the Romance Level on the account states Renewed Love (14-23 nights). With all the point conversions, referal points back when that counted, etc. I have no idea where we really should be. I have emailed and left phone messages several times but haven't heard back from anyone so I was just wondering if anyone else encountered this? Either way I am so happy to be going home to celebrate our 20th anniversary and my 40th birthday! Thanks!

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    Thank you for your participation in the message board. I have not received any voice mail or emails from you. Please email me directly at, and I will assist you.
    Romance Rewards and Preferred Agency Program
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    Sean Rocks! Thanks for the quick reply and calling so soon! That's why I love Couples!

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